Summer in Wildwood and Cape May, New Jersey

Summer in Wildwood and Cape May, New Jersey

Summertime and the livin’ is easy! Wildwood is about to explode with travelers wanting to relax and spend time in the hot sun and cool ocean water!  The population can swell to nearly 250,000 people during the summer months! Wildwood, New Jersey is one of the top vacation destinations for family’s because there is literally something for everyone here!

The biggest plus for me is that has a resort right in Wildwood! ‘Esplanade Suites’ is only about a 5-minute walk from the start of the boardwalk, near the famous ‘Wildwoods’ sign! We load up the wagon and take a nice stroll to the boardwalk for the day. We used to have to pay for parking, but now we can simply walk to the fun and excitement.

I have gone to Wildwood for the past two years, and this will be my third year in a row visiting. I really enjoy Wildwood because the people are so friendly and easy going. The town has an old-time charm to it, and it feels a little like home. There is still a lot to do, but it is more family oriented and relaxing. I like the slow pace of things rather than the hustle and bustle.

The Wildwood boardwalk is the best boardwalk I have ever been to because there are different piers to enjoy. If you want to go to an aquarium, water park or amusement park, this boardwalk has it! If you’re hungry or thirsty, there are tons of different restaurants and shops to enjoy. Don’t forget to stop and sample some fudge at the ‘Fudge Kitchen’ and real saltwater taffy at ‘Douglass Fudge!’

Of course, the summer is the most popular time to vacation. There are lots of festivals, shows, concerts and events held at the Wildwoods Convention Center this time of year. You can find something new to do each and every day during the summer. Wildwood hosts more than 180 special events each year, check some out below! June starts the ‘Friday Night Fireworks on the Beach!’ If you want to check out things happening in the Wildwoods area during the Spring season, check out the Sundance Vacations ‘Spring in Wildwood’ blog!


06/21/2019-06/23/2019 North Wildwood Italian-American Festival
06/22/2019-06/23/2019 New Jersey Truck Invasion
06/23/2019-08/25/2019 Fox Park Amphitheater Concerts
06/24/2019 Downtown Wildwood Monday Night in The Plaza ~ NEW!
06/24/2019-08/25/2019 Wildwood Talent Showcase
06/25/2019-08/20/2019 Tuesday Night FREE Movies in the Plaza
06/26/2019-06/26/2019 Wildwood Crest Summer Music Series
06/27/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza
06/28/2019-08/23/2019 Friday Night Fireworks on the Beach
06/29/2019-06/30/2019 Cape Express Beach Blast Soccer
06/29/2019-07/02/2019 Youth for Christ Heatwave
05/26/2019-09/01/2019 Sunrise on Sunday Veteran Flag Service



07/01/2019-08/26/2019 FREE Magic Show at the Flow House


07/01/2019-08/19/2019 Wildwood Crest Sunset Celebrations


07/02/2019-08/29/2019 Boardwalk Parades


07/03/2019-08/28/2019 Duffy String Band Performances


07/03/2019-08/28/2019 Wildwood Crest Summer Music Series


07/04/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza


07/04/2019 Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular


07/04/2019 Patriotic Pooch Parade


07/05/2019-07/07/2019 Boardwalk Craft Show


07/05/2019 Paranormal Presentation by The Hartwell Collection ~ NEW!

4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza

07/05/2019-07/07/2019 Sports Card, Toys, Comics & Collectibles Show


07/06/2019 Wildwood Crest Summer Concert


07/06/2019-08/31/2019 Concerts under the Stars Series


07/06/2019-07/07/2019 Downtown Wildwood 80’s Dance Band Concert Weekend ~NEW!


07/06/2019 Sidewalk Chalk Competition


07/07/2019-08/15/2019 Anglesea Night Market


07/08/2019 Cape May County Lifeguard Championships


07/08/2019-07/13/2019 Dance Xplosion National Dance Finals


07/09/2019 West cape May Farmers Market


07/10/2019 Family Fun Crafts Show at the Lighthouse


07/11/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza


07/12/2019- Beschen-Callahan Memorial Lifeguard Races


07/12/2019-07/14/2019 NJ State BBQ Championship & Anglesea Blues Festival


07/12/2019 Wildwood Crest Sand Sculpting Festival


07/13/2019 Annual Duke of Fluke Fishing Tournament


07/13/2019 Boogie Board Races


07/13/2019-07/14/2019 Wildwood Cornhole Tournament


07/14/2019-07/19/2019 Sophisticated Productions National Dance Competition


07/15/2019 Downtown Wildwood Monday Night in The Plaza ~ NEW!


07/16/2019 West cape May Farmers Market


07/17/2019-07/18/2019 Miss North Wildwood Pageant/Crowning


07/17/2019 USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships


07/18/2019 Anglesea Night Market


07/19/2019 Last day: Sophisticated Productions National Dance Competition


07/20/2019 Sun and Sand Police & Fire Survivors 5k Run/1 Mile Walk


07/20/2019 Wildwood Crest Christmas in July Festival


07/20/2019 WWE Live Summer Slam Heatwave Tour


07/20/2019-07/21/2019 Cape Express More Beach Blast Soccer


07/20/2019-07/21/2019 Boardwalk Craft Show


07/20/2019-07/22/2019 Dinner Theater Cabaret Style


07/21/2019 Railroad Days at Historic Cold Spring Village


07/22/2019 Wildwood Beach Patrol & 21 Down’s Day at the Beach


07/23/2019 USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships


07/24/2019-07/25/2019 Paranormal Presentation by The Hartwell Collection ~ NEW!


07/25/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza


07/26/2019 Dutch Hoffman Lifeguard Championships


07/27/2019-07/28/2019 Ultimate Beach Frisbee Tournament


07/28/2019 Crest Sunset Fest & Movie Night


07/29/2019 2019 Downtown Wildwood Monday Night in The Plaza ~ NEW!


07/29/2019-08/08/2019 Back to School Warehouse Clothing Sale


07/30/2019 The Wildwoods Loves Waddler’s Contest


07/31/2019 Wildwoods Baby Parade




08/01/2019 Anglesea Night Market


08/01/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza


08/02/2019 The 84th Annual Cape May Baby Parade


08/03/2019 Wildwood Beach Patrol Pier to Pier Challenge


08/03/2019-08/04/2019 ‘Battle at the Beach’ Grappling Tournament


08/03/2019-08/04/2019 Boardwalk Craft Show


08/03/2019-08/04/2019 Cure at the Shore


08/03/2019-08/04/2019 Downtown Wildwood Inaugural Rib-Off Festival~NEW!


08/04/2019 Life Rolls On


08/05/2019 Wine and Paint Night at Willow Creek Winery


08/06/2019 National Night Out – North Wildwood


08/06/2019 National Night Out – Wildwood Crest


08/07/2019 National Lighthouse Day


08/08/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza


08/08/2019-08/11/2019 Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash


08/07/2019 Watercolors with Wine at Seaside Cheese Co.


08/09/2019 Fire Pit Friday with Live Music at Willow Creek Winery


08/10/2019 Annual SOCS Survivors of Cancer Fundraiser


08/10/2019 Charlie Butler Memorial Beach Day ‘Storm the Wildwood Surf’ Event


08/10/2019 Jus Nice Sneaker Convention


08/10/2019 Wildwood Crest 5K Beach Run


08/10/2019 East Lynne Theatre Company Presents: The Rainmaker


08/10/2019-08/11/2019 Baseball on the Beach


08/10/2019-08/11/2019 Boardwalk Craft Show


08/10/2019-08/11/2019 Downtown Wildwood Jazz & Wine Festival~NEW!


08/11/2019 Ghost Walks at Historic Cold Spring Village


08/12/2019 Downtown Wildwood Monday Night in The Plaza ~ NEW!


08/13/2019 Around the Island Row


08/14/2019-08/17/2019 Harlem Globetrotters


08/15/2019 Wedding of the Sea


08/15/2019 Anglesea Night Market


08/15/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza


08/16/2019 Dinner at the Red Store & a Full Moon Climb of the Cape May Lighthouse


08/17/2019 Beatlemania Again Live in Concert


08/17/2017 The Margarita Mile


08/17/2019-08/18/2019 Baseball on the Beach


08/17/2019-08/18/2019 Boardwalk Craft Show


08/18/2019 The 28th Annual Mid-Atlantic Tournament


08/19/2019 Downtown Wildwood 5 Fabulous Days of FITNESS IN THE PLAZA


08/20/2019 Free Family Fun- Magic Show


08/21/2019 The Drifters at the Cape May Convention Hall


08/22/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza


08/23/2019-08/25/2019 Sports Card, Toys, Comics & Collectibles Show


08/24/2019 ‘Tri the Wildwoods’ Triathlon, 5K & Kids Triathlon


08/25/2019-08/29/2019 Wildwoods Restaurant Week


08/26/2019 Reggae Wednesday at Willow Creek


08/27/2019 Free Family Fun- Magic Show


08/28/2019 Doo Wop Back to the 50’s Neon Night Tours


08/29/2019 Downtown Wildwood Music in the Plaza


08/30/2019 Labor Day Weekend Fireworks Spectacular


08/30/2019-09/01/2019 Boardwalk Craft Show


08/31/2019-09/01/2019 Shore Stop Dance Convention




09/01/2019 Wildwood Block Party & Music Festival






Are you planning your first vacation to Wildwood, New Jersey this year? There are many different ‘Things to do in Wildwood and Cape May!’ Your family will love you if you plan a ‘Wildwood Family Vacation’ because there are many ‘Great Family Attractions’ to enjoy. There is literally something for everyone here! “Go Ahead, Getaway!”

Wildwood Fun Facts

1. “Wildwoods” is a term used to bring the four Wildwood communities together. They are Wildwood Crest, the City of Wildwood, the City of North Wildwood and the Borough of West Wildwood.
2. Wildwood beach is growing at a rate of 100 feet a year and is one of the ONLY places on the East Coast where the shoreline is not shrinking!
3. In 2008-2009, a section of the boardwalk had to be rebuilt using Ipe tropical hardwood, instead of the environmentally friendly black locust wood.
4. Access to Wildwood beaches is FREE all year long!
5. The Wildwood Boardwalk has more rides and attractions than ‘Disneyland’ and has more places to eat than the ‘Mall of America’.
6. Did you know your friends and family can watch you visit the famous ‘Wildwoods’ sign in live time? They have a camera watching the sign 24 hours a day! Check out the link here!
7. A replica of the ‘Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall’ can be found at ‘Fox Park’, adjacent from the Wildwoods Convention Center. ( Between Burk and Montgomery Ave) The wall stretches 240 feet long and has 58,913 names of our country’s fallen heroes from the Vietnam War etched on black granite. ( The original can be found in Washington D.C.)
8. The Wildwood board walk is made of more than 70,000 wooden planks and stretches just over two miles!
9. Some might be surprised to learn that ‘Wildwood Crest’ is a dry town. You can bring alcohol in, but they do not sell it anywhere.
10. Wildwood is home of the beverage known as the ‘Lime Rickey’.

Sundance Vacations Wildwood Sign

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Summer in Wildwood and Cape May, New Jersey
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