Things to do in Hawaii

Things to do in Hawaii

Travel with Sundance Vacations to Hawaii!

Whether you are checking out the unique wildlife, planning your outdoor adventures, or your leisurely relaxation, there are tons of things to do in Hawaii on your Sundance Vacations getaway!

With having a hotel on the island of Maui and Moloka’I, you’ll have a choice between a busier island and a more relaxed destination.

When vacationing in Maui here are some awesome activities you can do!

Sundance Vacations Property: Maui Banyan
You’ll know you’re in a tropical paradise once you arrive at your vacation home at Maui Banyan. After sunbathing on the white sand of Kamaole Beach II (located across the street), go snorkeling, and let the clear water be your window to the amazing colors of the marine life below.  To learn more about this great destination, including cool things to do, places to eat and more, head over to it’s page: “Sundance Vacations Properties in Maui, Hawaii”
Maui is for lovers, families, and even groups of friends looking for an escape!


Water Activities

  • Whale watching is one of the best things to do in Maui if you’re visiting during the winter months. There are plenty of tours that will give you the chance to see the Humpback Wales during their annual migration to Hawaii!
    Sundance Vacations Whale watching
    Humpback whales visit Hawaiian waters from November to May
  • One of the cheapest Maui activities is snorkeling. You can look at a Maui snorkel Map, or take a boat trip to Molokini Crater. Depending on the conditions, one or the other will provide some great snorkeling with plenty of marine life.
  • Ka’anapali Beach Maui –This Beach is often thought of as one of the best beaches in Black Rock and is a popular area that divides the beach in half. It is also renowned for terrific snorkeling.
  • Kitesurfing is also one of the most popular ocean activities around! As a favorite pastime for locals, visitors, and international crowds, it’s common to see kites flying over the coastline on a daily basis. You don’t have to have prior experience either, there are kiteboarding schools for both beginners and experts!
  • Check out the beauty of the island and some sea creatures by taking a kayak or canoe around the coast of Maui. You can take a tour for a knowledgeable guide so you know where the best spots to go are.

Outdoor land activates

  • If you’re looking for some memorable views for some awesome pictures you’ll have to head to Haleakala to catch the stunning sunrise from the top of the crater. You’ll want to make sure to bring warm clothes, as it’s a lot colder at the higher altitudes. After the sun rise you can also check out the Haleakal? National Park. While there you have a chance to see a rare native bird, get a hands-on experience with Hawaiian culture, breezes through the bamboo forest or hike a volcanic landscape. The park is also a part of the National Natural Landmarks (NNL) Program that recognizes and encourages the conservation of sites that contain outstanding biological and geological resources.
  • Take a bike ride from the top of Haleakala down to the base of the volcano is incredible. You’ll enjoy overwhelming views of all of Maui as well as the many sweet fragrances of the countryside while cruising downhill. Bike the Volcano has become the most popular activity on the Island!
    Sundance Vacations Luaus
    Hula dancing at an authentic Hawaiian Luau
  • With plenty of land tours available, you can check out some waterfalls and then rappel down them!
  • Enjoy a ride through one of National Geographics “Drive of a Lifetime,” the Hana Highway measures more than 60 miles long. The highway features a whopping 620 curves and 59 bridges!
  • Taking a helicopter ride over Maui is the best way to explore the hidden beauty of Maui. You can visit the towering sea cliffs of Molokai, jaw-dropping waterfalls in the West Maui Mountains, and even coast over the clouds next to the crater of Haleakala Volcano.
  • With many luaus on the island, you can pick the perfect experience for you and your guests. From intimate settings by the ocean to larger productions throughout the island. All Maui luaus come with a show of hula dancing, history, and usually at least one fire dancer. It’s a great way to experience some of Hawaii’s most interesting culture, watch the sunset and spend a memorable night under the stars with family and friends.

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When vacationing in Moloka’i here are some awesome activities you can do!

Molokai is actually one of the least visited islands of Hawaii. The island remains true to its island roots, as there are no traffic lights and a lot of aloha spirit. Hotel Moloka’i, which was rated in the top 10 hotels to stay will give you that old Hawaii feel.

Sundance Vacations Property: Hotel Molokai

Hotel Molokai is an awesome destination that can have you experience the old-school Hawaii!  It was recently featured in an article by Yahoo Travel!  To learn more about this great destination, including cool things to do, places to eat and more, head over to it’s page:“Sundance Vacations Properties in Molokai, Hawaii!”

Water Activities

Sundance Vacations Hawaii Surf
Catch some waves!
  • Moloka’i is home to vertical sea cliffs that rise 3,600 to 3,900 feet from the sea, and the best way to see them is from the deck of a boat on a trip. Experience the thrill of cruising beneath the tallest sea cliffs in the world, and there’s even the chance you’ll spot Humpback whales when cruising the coast in winter.
  • Explore inside the south shore reef on a guided kayak or stand-up paddle tour, where easterly trade winds blow at your back and help propel you down a coast that’s lined with fishponds and mangroves.
  • Surf or swim at a number of awesome beaches! It’s no secret that Hawaii is known for its affinity towards Surfing. If you are looking for a great surf shop to get started, consider visiting the Malama Surf Shop located in Kaunakakai, Hawaii. Whether you like laying on the beach or diving into the ocean, Hawaii has plenty of awesome places for it!
  • Snorkeling or Scuba off Molokai! Molokai’s southern shore is home to Hawaii’s longest continuous fringing reef at 28 miles long. Full of natural “finger” coral, stony coral and an abundance of reef fish, this a fantastic place for snorkeling and scuba diving when the waters are calm.

Outdoor land activities

  • At the small but quirky US Post Office outside of Ho‘olehua, visitors can not only decorate a coconut inside the one room shop but mail that coconut off to virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Once place to check out is Kalaupapa, a secluded peninsula which was a leprosy settlement for over 100 years, and tours are offered that detail life in the somber but scenic spot. To reach Kalaupapa for the start of the tour, either hike or ride on the back of a mule and get panoramic views from the trail, which drops 1,700 vertical feet over 26 turns.
    Sundance Vacations Papohaku Sunset
    Papohaku Sunset
  • Take the Road to Hana Tours are a relaxing way to see all the sights along Hana Hwy. Your informative tour guide will drive for you so you may enjoy the views. This is the easiest way to see everything without missing any waterfalls, or great beaches along the way.
  • Take a zipline tour and see some incredible views that are unseen from the ground! With upcountry, west, and central ziplines you’ll be able to explore the whole island!
  • Finally, no trip to Moloka?i would be complete without a Papohaku sunset, where a three-mile long, white sand beach has a perfect view for an evening show that’s explosively different each night. Stay to watch the stars come out and blanket the sky overhead, and it’s common to see the glow of lights from Honolulu in the distance—a faint reminder of what you chose to escape over here on this shore.

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Things to do in Hawaii
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Things to do in Hawaii
Whether you are checking out the unique wildlife, planning your outdoor adventures, or your leisurely relaxation, there are tons of things to do in Hawaii!
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