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Visit Tampa, Florida on a Budget

We all know that you're dreaming on Florida. But don't write it off because you think a trip to Tampa would empty your wallet. Check out these awesome things to do in Tampa, FL with Sundance Vacations that won't break the bank.....Read More

Uber vs Rental Car: Ride Hail or Rent on Vacation?

We all know that ride hailing services such as Uber or Lyft are exploding in popularity, but are they a smart option to use while traveling? We took a look at the cost, safety and availability of Uber vs rental car options to help you plan your trip.....Read More

50 Fun Travel Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Think you know it all when it comes to travel? Some of these fun facts might come as a surprise to you.....Read More

Things to Do in Costa Rica

Are you ready for a tropical getaway? Travel to Central America and experience a thrill in Playas del Coco near Guanacaste in Costa Rica with Sundance Vacations .......Read More

Things to Do in St. Maarten

St. Maarten could be your tropical paradise! Read more about things you could do while on your Sundance Vacations trip with us .......Read More

Things to Do in Disney World January 2017

Disney World in Jaunary 2017 is packed with fun things to do. Lace up your running shoes to participate in Marathon Weekend, attend the first ever International Festival of the Arts, or more. Discover all the exciting things happening in the Disney parks this January! .......Read More

Time to Apply for Your Passport NOW

It's time to apply for your passport now. Why? The Real ID Act is going to make it difficult for people in nine different states to fly on an airplane without it come next year.......Read More

Money Saving Tips- How to Save for Travel in 2017

Keep your New Years resoultion to travel more this year! Here at Sundance Vacations, we understand that sometimes it's hard to keep track of money, never mind save for a vacation. These budgeting tips will help you build your travel fund and might just help you monitor all your spending this upcoming year!......Read More

12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Travel Gifts

Hoping that you have enough to fill up your stockings this year? We've got 12 great travel gift ideas to fill with the best stocking stuffers this year! Check out the video and article......Read More

Travel Accessories You Don't Need to Pack

These travel accessories are things that you don't need to pack on vacation. Don't waste your time or money buying these things to bring along on your getaway, and here's why.....Read More

Winter Vacation Packing List- How to Pack for a Ski Trip

Do you have everything you need for a ski trip on your winter vacation packing list? Make sure you're packing the right winter travel outfits by reading our check list......Read More

Sundance Vacations Destinations: Things to Do in Colorado

Now that both the spring and summer travel seasons are behind us — and the fall season is already racing towards the finish line — it’s time to look ahead to the prospect of a winter vacation to round out 2016!.....Read More

Fall Leaf Crafts- Fall DIY Decorations by Sundance Vacations

Who said you can't remember your fall getaway like you can your summer vacation? Bring some leaves back from your trip and make these three great fall leaf crafts! Jenn from Sundance Vacations has step-by-by instructions to make this DIY fall craft easy to do with your kids.....Read More

The 10 Best Travel Apps of 2016

Travel has become another one of the areas of life where technology has blossomed.  Especially in the App store.  With smartphones having successfully integrated into just about everything we do during our everyday lives and a seemingly endless catalog of apps out there that will help you get the most of your smartphone, it’s no wonder why.....Read More

Benefits of Vacation Days- Health Benefits of Traveling

There are a number of health benefits for traveling. Why not enjoy the benefits of vacation days and use all your paid time off?....Read More

Sundance Vacations Destinations: Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains

Recently we took a look at some of the best places for travelers to check out fall foliage around Sundance Vacations properties, one of those destinations that certainly stands out is the Smoky Mountain region of Tennessee.....Read More

Sundance Vacations Destinations: Things to Do in the Smoky Mountains

Recently we took a look at some of the best places for travelers to check out fall foliage around Sundance Vacations properties, one of those destinations that certainly stands out is the Smoky Mountain region of Tennessee.....Read More

Things to Do in Disney World During October, November and December 2016

Our Sundance Vacations travelers love going to Disney! There are some great things to do in Disney World this October, November and December for Halloween and Christmas.....Read More

Tips for Taking Prescription Medications on Vacation

Nearly 60 percent of Americans age 20 or older are using at least one type of prescription medication according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  While the need for, and types of, medications that are used by Americans widely varies, there is no debating that a daily dose has become a mainstay for much of the population.  But what happens when you need to take your pill caddy on vacation?...Read More

Last-Minute, Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes

For those of you who may have forgotten, Halloween is this Saturday!  As we all know, the most difficult thing to decide when it comes to this holiday is, of course, what to dress up as.  Not to worry!  Sundance Vacations has you covered with some great, last-minute ideas for travel-themed Halloween costumes!  Most of them are easy to make and will have you wowing the people at parties or while collecting candy!...Read More

10 Tips for Saving Money on Rental Cars

Whether it is business travel, a family vacation, epic road trip or even if you just want a different set of wheels for the weekend, use these 10 Rental Car Tips to have you and your wallet riding in the fast lane to wherever it is that you need to get to....Read More

New Disney Parks, Rides, and Attractions Coming Soon

Both Disney World and Disneyland have new Disney parks on the horizon. Check out what will be at Pandora- The World of Avatar, Star Wars Land, and Toy Story Land....Read More

10 Tips to get you Back on Track for Fitness After a Vacation

Let’s face it, most Americans don’t go on vacation and under indulge themselves.  Vacations are a time to cut loose, be carefree and make the most out of every day.  Sometimes, of course, that includes abandoning your diet and workout routines along the way....Read More

Is Student Debt Preventing you from Doing the Things you Love?

Student debt has quickly become one of the nation’s quickest growing epidemics.  While a college education was once considered an optional part of life, in today’s day and age, it is nearly a requirement when looking to join the workforce....Read More

Kingii Provides a Cool Way to Stay Safe in the Water

What does a lizard and water safety have in common?  Well one of this summer’s must-have travel gadgets for safety was inspired by a Chlamydosaurus kingii — a lizard with a frilled neck that expands when the lizard feels it’s in danger — and the product’s maker hopes to get people not only talking about water safety, but taking measures to lessen the chance of accidental drowning too....Read More

Sundance Vacations: Disney Events in July, August, and September 2016

Summer is the perfect time to travel to Walt Disney World to see some amazing attractions. Disney events in these months include 4th of July or Halloween celebrations. You don't want to miss this summer fun!...Read More 

The Great American Baseball Road Trip: A Guide to Major League Baseball's Ballparks

As the Major League Baseball (MLB) season is well underway – especially with the MLB All-Star Game played yesterday, signifying the half-way point of the season – and the summer vacation season is upon us, perhaps traveling baseball fans could consider this:  Combine two of America’s favorite summertime things.  Road trips and baseball....Read More 

Sundance Vacations Destinations: Things to see and do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Elvis once sang, “Viva, Las Vegas.”  The famous song, which came to us by way of the Romantic Comedy motion picture with the same name, was recorded in 1964 and follows the story of a man who is gambling and rambling his way through Sin City.  While a trip to Vegas can easily be spent toiling in front of a one-armed bandit (slot machine) or going all in at the poker tables, there is a lot more to Las Vegas that can make it a memorable trip.  Whether you are on the world famous strip, in the downtown area or even out in the desert, Las Vegas has something for every traveler....Read More.

Perfect Summer Road Trip Playlists!

Summer time has always been, and probably will always remain, the best season for a road trip.  The weather is nice, the sun is shining and that makes for the perfect time to roll the windows down, crank some tunes and feel the fresh air as you slice through it with an open hand.....Read More

5 Tips to Avoid Credit Card Fraud and Scams on Vacation

Let’s face it, hardly anyone carries around cash anymore.  With new advances in technology and banking, paying has literally become, plastic, or, plastic.  Unfortunately, along with these advances in the way we pay for our services and goods, comes an increased chance of being exposed to frauds and scams.....Read More

Sundance Vacations Destinations: Nevis (Monkey Rock) in the Caribbean

It’s the beginning of March.  The colder temperatures and storms of winter have no doubt beaten and battered your outdoor spirit, forcing you indoors, save the few that enjoy a skiing trip.  But what if you are one of the many who love the sun, the sand and the surf?  Well my friends, that’s why places like Nevis in the Caribbean exist!....Read More.

Where Does Unclaimed Baggage End Up? 

Occasionally, people have gone through the woes of lost or delayed luggage, but again those are few and far between and the airline is usually able to reunite the bags with their respective owners.  But what happens to that baggage that goes unclaimed?...Read More

Planning Your Walt Disney World Package in April, May, or June 2016

Disney World is always busy with exciting events! See what is going on in Orlando, Fla. in April, May, or June 2016 to start planning your Sundance Vacations trip today!...Read More.

Could Hidden City Ticketing Save You Money?  Compare the Risks to the Reward


With new gadgets, websites and ideas designed to save you money coming out almost weekly, it can be hard to sift through and find the ones that are actually worth using.  One such idea, called “hidden city ticketing”, promises to save you nearly hundreds of dollars just by exploiting a loophole in the way that airfare works....Read More

New ItsEasy Passport App Makes Renewals a Breeze

When renewing or applying for a passport there is one word that generally comes to mind for most Americans.  Hassle.  One company, however, is aiming to change that.  The ItsEasy Passport Renewal App, an extension of, was released on Wednesday, February 17, and promises to take the hassle right out of the passport process by saving you a large amount of one of today’s most valuable assets...Read More.

Disney World Events January, February, March 2016

Planning a trip to Walt Disney World? See what's going on in the parks during the beginning of the new year! Sundance Vacations travelers can learn the inside scoop on the best time to visit... Read More.

Orion Travel Tech will pay for your checked baggage fees - Sundance Vacations Post

DIY Vacation Countdown for Kids

Instead of simply crossing a big, red X over each day in your calendar, consider making your own vacation countdown to build hype for your kids. Grab these supplies and read this "How To" article for easy steps to make your own Sundance Vacations countdown....Read More.

Orion Travel Tech will pay for your checked baggage fees - Sundance Vacations Post

10 Holiday Gifts for Travelers - 2015

To help make this time of year a little less stressful, Sundance Vacations has again compiled a list of the 10 Best Holiday Gifts for Travelers.  When it comes to the traveler or travel lover on your list,  we’ve got you covered.....Read More

Sundance Vacations Fly Away Offer!

Just for coming in to view a multimedia presentation about what Sundance Vacations has to offer you as a traveler, we will give you and a guest a choice of one of three Caribbean fly-away vacations. Pick from either Cancun, St. Thomas or Puerto Rico and spend four days and three nights there. Trips include hotel accommodations and round-trip airfare......Read More.  

Sundance Vacations Stowe Vermont Banner

Sundance Vacations Destinations: Stowe, Vermont

Beach-lover or not, there are other interesting alternatives regarding Sundance Vacations destinations.  One of those happens to be the picturesque city of Stowe, Vermont. Yeah, you’re already thinking that Vermont is renowned for its winter sports. But, in reality, Stowe is a four-season resort town........Read More.

Sundance Vacations Stowe Vermont Banner

Two Vacation Ideas for the New Year

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays finally over, and people settling back into normal everyday life, it really isn’t until January that it hits you.  Winter is here.  January is the our first real exposure to the winter season, and it’s a month when a lot of people seek to get away from the colder temperatures that have been hanging around for the last few weeks.....Read More

Sundance Vacations Stowe Vermont Banner

AAA Projects Gas Prices Under $2

The American Automobile Association, or AAA as you are probably more familiar with, has forecasted that the price of gas will continue to fall as we approach the autumn months.  In a recent article on their website, AAA cites that currently, gas prices in the United States are at their lowest point for this time of year since 2004.....Read More

Sundance Vacations Stowe Vermont Banner

Charge your Electric Car at Sundance Vacations

Though there are numerous EVlink charging stations across the United States, the Dowds wanted to become part of the environmentally friendly “green” movement. To accomplish this, the Dowds had an EVlink charging station installed at the Sundance Vacations corporate headquarters on Highland Park Boulevard in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania......Read More


Visiting the Caribbean in 2017?

We've got three destinations that are a must add to your bucket list! They offer the best beaches and natural wonders all while enjoying fun in the sun. Read more

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