Booking Using Loyalty Reward Points

Did you know Sundance Vacations can help save you even more money? Let me introduce you to our Loyalty Rewards program! The Sundance Loyalty Rewards program is a favorite benefit among our travelers. It’s a super easy concept and you can earn loyalty points to redeem towards nightly discounts on thousands of different hotels. The more loyalty points you earn, the more cash you save on local, national, or international hotel stays.

To take advantage of this awesome benefit, please log onto the Sundance Vacations website or app. Then you need to navigate to the Reward Stays tab. Once you click the Rewards Stays tab, it will redirect you to the Reward Stays booking site. You will then need to enter in the location you want to travel to, your check in and out dates, number of rooms and number of travelers, and then click search. The results will pop up on the website and you will see a nightly rate crossed out and a green Loyalty Rewards savings amount. You will pay the nightly rate amount for your reservation. Simply hit “view deal” on a hotel you’re interested in to begin booking your reservation. Here you can check amenities, photos, and the room description.

Ready to book? Scroll down to see the blue “Book Rate” and continue with the payment details. Once you click “Confirm Reservation”, you’re all set! Congratulations, you just booked your first Rewards Stay with us. That was easy, right?

The points are valued dollar for dollar. So, 50 points is valued at $50.00 in savings! One thing to keep in mind is that every hotel is different when it comes to their discounts. Some hotels will allow 10 points, or $10 off nightly, whereas other hotels may allow 50 points, or $50 off nightly.

Here’s an example for a hotel in New York City.

hotel example
As you can see, the hotel is priced at $912.45, but with your loyalty points you save a whopping $385.15! The hotels tell us how much of a discount they accept, and we pass that full discount to you!

You can use your loyalty points to get the room for less than the published rate! Easy, peasy.

Now that you know how the Loyalty Rewards can be a huge benefit, you’re probably wondering how you can earn more points to redeem. Well, there are a few super easy ways to earn more points! You can log into your account after you complete a vacation and submit a review of the property to earn 10 points. Your reviews will help other travelers decide on their next vacation! We also send out surveys from time to time too, so if you get a survey, be sure to fill it out to earn 10 Loyalty Points valued at $10.00. You can also get more points when your purchase our SPF 14 a.k.a. reservation protection. Then finally, you will receive points back dollar for dollar when you pay your annual service charge. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

How to receive points!
Point Amount

Annual Service Charge

Earn points, dollar for dollar, by paying your annual service charge on time!

dollar for dollar

Quarterly Service Charge

Earn points, dollar for dollar, by paying your quarterly service charge on time!

dollar for dollar

SPF 14

Purchase vacation protection and receive dollar for dollar rewards!

99 points

SPF 14 (Bonus Weeks)

Purchase vacation protection and receive dollar for dollar rewards!

49 points

Filling out Surveys

Receive points for letting us know about your vacations!

Leaving Reviews

Be a good community member. Leave a review on your trip to help other travelers!

10 points

Starter Points

You’ll automatically earn loyalty dollars when you start your relationship with us.


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