The Importance of Travel Protection and Travel Insurance

The Importance of Travel Protection and Travel Insurance

The importance of travel protection and travel insurance.

When you’re booking a vacation, I’m sure you’ve been asked if you wanted travel protection or insurance. Have you ever thought about what that contains, or the different types of insurance?

Not only is there travel protection through Sundance Vacations for the vacation itself, but you could also get travel health insurance, and insurance on airplane tickets.

With Sundance Vacations, clients can get SPF14 (vacation protection) for the vacation itself.

What is Sundance Vacations SPF14?

We know that life sometimes interferes with our best laid vacation plans. That’s why we offer Sundance Vacation Protection which we call SPF14.

Clients can view SPF14 under the benefits tab once logged in.

Travel Medical Insurance

What is Travel Medical Insurance?

Travel medical insurance is a type of insurance designed to cover emergency health care costs incurred while traveling or vacationing abroad.

Say you’re traveling and come down with a case of food poisoning. Depending on your plan, you could be covered for the following:

  • the cost of a local ambulance to transport you to the hospital
  • your emergency room co-payment
  • the bill for your hospital room and board
  • and all other eligible medical expenses

Travel medical insurance provides certain travel benefits, as well as coverage for emergency medical treatment due to an unexpected injury or illness incurred outside of your home country.

Are there different types of policies?

Yes, here are the commonly known policies:

  • Single-Trip Plan: This is a standard plan that provides coverage for the duration and destination(s) you specify for a single trip abroad.
  • Multi-Trip Plan: This plan covers multiple international trips throughout a one-year (or other specified) period.
  • Group Plan: This plan allows you to insure a group of people (typically 5 or more) under one policy, often at a discounted rate.
  • Long-Term Plan: Long-term travelers and expatriates can purchase a travel medical plan or a travel major medical plan, depending on their priorities and length of travel.

Check out some of the best travel health insurances.

Before you look into travel health insurance, make sure to see if your normal medical health insurance covers beyond your home country. Even if it does cover you for some things abroad, it’s unlikely to offer many of the important benefits of a travel medical plan, such as Emergency Medical Evacuation coverage.

Insurance on Airplane Tickets

Protecting yourself against trip cancellations, airline changes and lost or damaged baggage makes financial sense. It’s helpful to have insurance in place if your ticket is non-refundable because if you need to make a last-minute change, you are protected.

When booking a plane ticket, you’ve most likely have been offered to buy trip insurance. Airlines are pushing travelers to spend a little more to protect against delays and cancellations. The hard sell includes pitches like “protect yourself” and “guard your trip against the unexpected.” The question is, should you purchase it, and is it worth it?

While purchasing a plan directly from the airline is convenient, you may find more affordable plans on your own. Companies such as Travel Insured and Travel Guard offer you insurance plans with various coverage levels. Websites such as, and allow you to customize your policy for features you do or don’t want. Make sure to get a quote from these companies before you book with your airline, and then you can compare the rates and what kind of insurance you are getting in exchange for your premium.

What Airline Insurance Covers

Ticket coverage can be used for trip cancellations or interruptions. You must make sure your reason for cancellation is approved within the policy. If your trip is interrupted and you need to leave prior to your original travel date, the insurance will cover any fees you might have to pay. The insurance would also cover lost, stolen or damaged luggage while you travel. If you miss a connecting flight and forfeit a hotel reservation, your insurance could cover any charges or deposits you can’t get back from the hotel. If you buy a policy that includes medical coverage, your airline ticket insurance also pays for expenses not covered by your own health plan. Make sure to read the fine print when purchasing the insurance to see exactly what it will cover.

What Airline Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Insurances don’t cover voluntary ticket change for unapproved reasons. You need to demonstrate illness, death, job loss, weather problems, bankruptcy, accident or some other reason to change your plans. There may also be limits on the amount they cover for lost or damaged luggage and baggage. Again, make sure to check with the insurance company before purchasing the policy.

Most travel experts say getting it through the airline isn’t worth it, but third-party insurance companies could be beneficial.

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The Importance of Travel Protection and Travel Insurance
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The Importance of Travel Protection and Travel Insurance
When you’re booking a vacation, we're sure you’ve been asked if you wanted travel protection or insurance. Find out the different types of insurance!
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