DIY Souvenirs

DIY Souvenirs

When I go on vacation to Florida with Sundance Vacations, I like to use found objects and create something with them that reminds me of my trip when I’m back home. Just like the starfish, (okay, so this one and only this one, I purchased.) For me, creating is my escape from reality. It takes me to a different place, a place of peace. I would like to add I am self-taught, I collect my treasures and create as I go, LOL. In other words, if I can, you can too! If you need some help or ideas, Pinterest is a great help too. Don’t think of yourself as a crafty person? They do say it’s good for the brain to pick up a new hobby or something, don’t they?! Okay, so here we go, and I hope you enjoy.

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sundance vacations diy


Step 1: Gather your Supplies

What you’re going to need to get started will be some sort of canvas, burlap, string/rope, a starfish, paint, scissors, something to drill a hole, glue sticks and a glue gun.

After you find your object at the beach, gather your supplies at your local Michael’s or AC Moore, you’re ready to start putting your souvenir!



sundance vacations diy


Step 2: Canvas and String

For this, you’ll need to drill two small holes, one on each side to run the string through. For mine, I asked my husband to drill the holes.

After the holes, pull the string through and tie knots on the font to make them stay. After the knots I cut the excess string to make the knot tight.



sundance vacations diy


Step 3: Burlap

When adding the burlap, I only hot glued the edges on the back of the canvas so the glue couldn’t be seen on the front!

I also figured the Starfish will help hold the Burlap in place better once glued.



sundance vacations diy


Step 4: The star of the show, The Starfish

Next, you’ll glue the starfish to the burlap!

For this, I used a generous amount of glue to keep it attached. I also put the star fish an angle to make it’s look like its dancing!




sundance vacations diy


Step 5: Wording

Finally, paint the word or phrase you want to use. I free handed the text, but feel free to use a stencil to give it the look and feel you want!

Once you’re done, RELAX!


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DIY Souvenirs
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DIY Souvenirs
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