Knights and Pirates: Two Must-Experience Dinner Theaters in Myrtle Beach

Knights and Pirates: Two Must-Experience Dinner Theaters in Myrtle Beach

Staying at Myrtle Beach with Sundance Vacations? One of the most unique and entertaining experiences you can have in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is attending a live dinner show. Enjoy whimsical adventures that will have both children and adults sitting on the edge of their seats. Here are two dinner theaters that you absolutely must add to your vacationing bucket list! 

Sundance Vacaations Medieval Times

Medieval Times

Medieval Times is a dinner theater that allows its guests to live as if they are in the Middle Ages. The theater itself is styled after an English Renaissance theater, making the experience as authentic as can be. Each seating section is doused in lights of different colors. Whatever the color of your dining area, that is the same color of the knight you will be rooting for throughout the show. (The first time I went my knight was blue!) Daring jousts on horseback, steel clashing as swords meet in fierce battle… There’s no telling who will win the ultimate duel and become the Queen’s champion.

Of course the meals are also inspired by those of the medieval period, too. Roasted chicken, tomato bisque, roasted potatoes, and garlic bread is only a sample of what is severed at Medieval Times. They also offer vegetarian options, if preferred. As for drinks, there are plenty of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages to choose from for ladies and lords alike.

Be sure to check the Medieval Times website for the best deals and packages being offered. There are often special codes that can be applied at checkout to save you as much money as possible as you embark on your journey. Medieval Times is a great show to see with your family and friends, so be sure to dive into this fantastical adventure while visiting Myrtle Beach. 

Sundance Vacations Pirates VoyagePirates Voyage

Pirates Voyage is similar to Medieval Times, except, well, it’s pirates! With a large pool of water in the center where all the action takes place, it’s hard to tear your eyes away from the magical scene. Swashbuckling pirates, thieves, and mermaids all swim, swing, and soar on this whale of a set. Who will discover the hidden buried treasure–the Crimson or Emerald crew? Pirates Voyage also does a special Christmas show for the holiday season, making it an attraction that you’ll want to experience more than once.

Seafarers and landlubbers both love this expansive menu. Feast on roasted chicken, creamy vegetable soup, barbecued pork, and sides of sweet corn and bread. Be sure to save room for dessert, though! Pirates Voyage offers a tasty treat of crumbly apple pie. As for drinks, they offer a wide variety of Coca-Cola products, as well as tea and coffee.

Located directly next to the Carolina Opry, it’s a swift and easy attraction to reach. Like Medieval Times, be sure to check out the Pirates Voyage website to find group deals and combo packages to make your trip worthwhile.




These theaters will leave long-lasting memories with you and your family, as they did with me. Not only will you enjoy a delicious four-course meal, you will get to watch a show unlike any you have ever seen. Summer, fall, winter, or spring–Medieval Times and Pirates Voyage is sure to be a fun addition to your vacation. To make your vacation complete, make sure to check out Sundance Vacations properties in Myrtle Beach.

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Knights and Pirates: Two Must-Experience Dinner Theaters in Myrtle Beach
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Knights and Pirates: Two Must-Experience Dinner Theaters in Myrtle Beach
Dashing knights and daring pirates! Here are two dinner theaters that you absolutely must visit while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
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