Flashy or Frugal Ski Vacations? How About Affordable Instead?

Flashy or Frugal Ski Vacations? How About Affordable Instead?

A cover story for the Vail Trail Weekly recently caught my eye.  The article entitled, “Flashy vs. Frugal” compares the prices of vacationing in the Vail area of Colorado and makes a big case for a product like what we offer here at Sundance Vacations.

The publication reports that a no limits, one week trip to Vail for two adults and two children will cost $100,988.  Okay, yes they included a shopping budget of $60,000 to buy a Russian Lynx Fur coat, but even when you subtract that it still tops $40,000 for one vacation.  No wonder I feel like a pauper every time we travel to the area.

Obviously, the super-rich are not the typical Sundance clients, we look to make vacations affordable for everyone.  This is why I was very interested in the frugal side of the article.  The “budget” trip totaled $3,620 and included lodging for seven nights at Park Meadows Lodge for $140 per night.  The article referred to a “room” and pictured the budget travelers at a Safeway grocery store filling up a bowl of hot chili.  The total included $100 per day for groceries and $1,940 for lift tickets.

Not even Sundance Vacations’ clients can escape the price of lift tickets, but they can be sure they will save money in other areas.  We maintain several home properties in Winter Park, Colorado for skiing aficionados.  Our clients aren’t forced into a hotel room, where they have to utilize the hotel lobby as their living room and the local Safeway as their kitchen.  As for price, we can certainly compete and are dedicated to providing the best value to our customers.

As mentioned in a previous post, skiing trips are a great way to spend a vacation for some and with a number of great winter destinations all over the country, it is hard to deny the fact that Sundance Vacations will be able to give you a trip that’s affordable, action-packed and most importantly, a lot of fun.

The winter season is approaching and it may not be too late to grab up available dates or an excess inventory week at a price that would blow the Vail Trail Weekly budget traveler away!

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