7 Lucky Tips for First-Time Cruise Takers

7 Lucky Tips for First-Time Cruise Takers

There can be a number of questions for the first-time cruise taker and honestly, a lot of them can be solved just by being prepared for what’s coming.  Check out these seven “lucky” tips for first-timers and pretty soon you’ll be sailing like a pro.

 1. Try and Arrive to the Port City a Day Early

This well help you avoid the hassles of running into flight delays, thus compressing your schedule further than it already was.  You want to make sure you have plenty of time on the day the cruise leaves, because if you are late, they aren’t going to hold the boat just for you.  Furthermore, if there is any sort of issues with lost luggage, you will have time to sort it out or pick up replacement items that you may need.

 2.Make Sure to Lock Your Suitcase

When you drop off your luggage, it goes through a security check similar to the one that occurs at the airport.  When it is finished going through that check the crew will distribute the luggage to the rooms, in most cases placing it outside the door of your room.  To keep others out of your stuff, purchasing a lockable suitcase or luggage locks will save you from having to worry about that.

 3. Bring a Carry-on Bag

While your luggage is going through the above mentioned security check it may be worthwhile for you to pack a small day bag, back pack or something of the like.  Fill it with the things that you are going to need during the first day to ensure you don’t miss out on anything important.  Ideas for this bag also include small snacks, a book you can read or bathing suit and suntan lotion so you can enjoy the sun.

4. Be Prepared for Safety

Within hours of being on the boat the crew will usually have a few announcements or demonstrations about what to do in case of an emergency.  It is crucially important that you pay attention to these so you can be adequately prepared in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.  It’s also a good idea to have a designated meeting point for you and your companions just in case you get separated.

5. Bring a Credit Card

The cruise line is going to ask you for a credit card to associate with your room, just in case you or your companion decides to charge something to the room.  This can be very convenient as it eliminates you having to carry a wallet or money around with you all day.  Make sure you use a credit card over a bank card as if you are over drafted on a bank card you will incur charges not only from the bank, but often times, the cruise line as well.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Interact

Make sure that you interact or ask questions of the crew members during the voyage.  These people will often have the best advice when it comes to places on the ship or things to do at the various ports you will be visiting.  They may be able to offer you some little-known information which will make your experience that much better.

7. Leave Seasickness on Shore

There are a number of ways that seasickness can be defeated and allow you to enjoy your cruise.  Talk to a doctor beforehand and see if there are any medications that you could take to help eliminate motion sickness, whether over-the-counter or prescribed.  When booking a room, try and get one on the outside of the ship, new ships have stabilizers that provide a much smoother trip and these outside rooms will get the biggest benefit from them.  If you do start to feel sick, it is recommended that you head outside and fix your eyes on the horizon or a landmass you can see and take slow and deep breaths.  This will help your body better reset its balance.

Follow these suggestions and tips and you will find yourself in a much less stressful situation for your maiden voyage.  You can leave your worries on shore, float around and have some fun!

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