5 Amazing Shops in Ocean City, Maryland

5 Amazing Shops in Ocean City, Maryland

Is shopping your cardio? Ocean City, Maryland is known for having a beautiful beach and a thrilling boardwalk! The beach is great, but I rather work up a sweat shopping! Did you know Ocean City, Maryland has some amazing shops? Travel with Sundance Vacations to Ocean City, Maryland and find one of a kind pieces, you can’t find anywhere else! From art galleries to specialty kite stores, you won’t be disappointed by these unique shops. As a shopaholic, I know the best places to go… here is a list of 5 amazing shops in Ocean City, Maryland! So grab your pocketbook and get ready to shop till you drop!

5 Amazing Shops in Ocean City, Maryland


undance Vacations Sky
Fly a kite at the beach!

1. The Kite Loft

Enter a world of bright colors and crazy gadgets! The Kite Loft has two locations in Ocean City and one is right on the boardwalk! This interactive store offers a large variety of kites, flags, windsocks, garden items & toys. Kite fans will be amazed by all the different kites! The Kite Loft has single line, stunt, and power kites! If you have a garden, you’ll love their garden spinners and 3D garden art! Give your neighbor’s a run for their money, with these beautiful outdoor decorations! Fun Fact: The Kite Loft hosts world wide Kiting Events annually! Are ready to show your skills? Contestants display their kite flying talents with stunt kites, to show their kite flying abilities! Stop by The Kite Loft and start flying today!

2. Candy Kitchen

Candy Kitchen is a staple in Ocean City! You’ll see the orange sun logo from a mile away! Candy Kitchen has 22 locations throughout Ocean City and the Delaware beaches. Yes… 22 locations! Wow that’s a lot of candy! Stop in and nibble on a sample of their yummy homemade saltwater taffy. Pick a flavor you like and shop by the pound! They have 14 different flavors of taffy, including watermelon, banana, orange creamsicle, mint, cotton candy, and blue raspberry! My Personal favorite is watermelon! If you want to try every flavor, get a box of assorted taffy! Candy Kitchen also offers a variety of truffles, fudge, chocolate, and novelty candy like swirl pops and swizzle sticks! They even make homemade dog treats! Get sweet treats for you and your pupper!

3. The Spice & Tea Exchange of Ocean City

Do you love to cook? The Spice & Tea Exchange of Ocean City is a foodie’s paradise! Any spice you want, they have it! Walk into the best pantry in Ocean City! Explore 140 different types of spices and more than 30 exotic teas! The Spice & Tea Exchange of Ocean City has a large variety of spices, sugars, teas, salts, peppers, grains, seasonings, olive oils, and extracts. Stop in on Wednesdays and learn how to create delicious meals! Join the Chef Series: “Easy Cooking Creations with Chef Jill Siena.” This four part Chef Series is on Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The cost is $25 per class or $45 for two classes! Come back from vacation with a new set of skills and a love for food!

Sundance Vacations Beer
Go behind the scenes and take a tour of the distillery!

4. Seacrets Distilling Company

Okay this isn’t technically a shopping destination, but it does have a gift shop! If you’re getting thirsty, take a break from shopping and visit Seacrets Distilling Company! Every shopping day needs a happy hour! Seacrets Distilling Company was opened in 2016 and is the first distillery opened in Worcester County since the end of prohibition in 1933. Take a tour of the distillery and try a variety of tastings at the Speakeasy Room. Tours are offered everyday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the hour. Take a sip of their award-winning spirits! Try their Spiced Rum, Orange Vodka, Bourbon Whiskey, and Handcrafted Gin. Before you leave stop by their gift shop and take a bottle home with you!

5. Art League of Ocean City

Looking for a little art in your life? The Art League of Ocean City features rotating exhibits of local artworks. Exhibits start with an opening reception from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. on the first Friday of each month. Support local artists by taking home a piece of art! Visit the Art League of Ocean City and enjoy a two story gallery, a pottery studio, classrooms, art library, and five working artist studios. Shop for art or take a class! Art classes are available for adults and children. Adults can take beginner watercolor and pottery classes, while kids can learn how to make dream catchers and paper mache animals! Take home a one of a kind piece of art to display in your home, every time you look at it you’ll be reminded of your fabulous vacation!

Sundance Vacations Art
Take home a beautiful piece of local art!

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5 Amazing Shops in Ocean City, Maryland
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5 Amazing Shops in Ocean City, Maryland
Travel with Sundance Vacations to Ocean City, Maryland and shop till you drop! As a shopaholic, here is my list of 5 amazing shops in Ocean City, Maryland!
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