10 Travel Hacks

10 Travel Hacks

Traveling can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider taking precautions to ensure it goes smoothly. These ten travel hacks from Sundance Vacations should help make your next vacation a little bit more enjoyable and stress free. I use some of these hacks, but I did stumble across some new ones too. Let me know how these travel hacks work for you!

Call your bank before you travel

If you plan on using a debit or credit card, make sure you notify your bank. Take it from me, I have been in a situation where my card was declined, and I was out of state on the weekend when the banks are closed. I tried to buy some snacks at the gas station, but my card was declined, and I was so embarrassed. Thankfully, I had a little bit of cash on me to get me through the day or I would have been in big trouble. My bank thought it was fraudulent activity and temporarily shut my debit card off. Talk about a stressful situation!

Don’t forget your cell phone charger

How many times have you left your phone charger behind while on vacation or leaving for vacation? I have done it a time or two and didn’t end up getting it back. I do this travel hack myself. Use a carabiner to clip your car keys to a knot in the cord. You won’t leave without your keys and now you won’t leave without your charger. You’re welcome. ?

Turn left at the security line

I read this tip online and I really want to try it. Apparently, if you’re at the airport and about to go through TSA, if you turn left at the security line, your wait will be less than those who turn right. About 90% of people are right-handed and turn towards their dominant hand. If you find yourself having to choose between going right or left in the security line, or any line really, try going left. Let me know if it works for you!

Take a gamble

If you’re flying with another person, book an aisle and window seat. If the flight isn’t completely booked, chances are someone isn’t going to pick a seat between two complete strangers. You could end up having the entire row to yourselves. This doesn’t always work though. If the flight is booked and it doesn’t work, you can ask someone to switch seats with you, because they most likely won’t want to sit in the middle, between you two.

Call customer service if a flight is cancelled

Cancelled flights are always a bummer. Typically, you’ll need to stand in line and wait to book your new flight and that is never fun. Wouldn’t you rather skip the line and relax and grab a drink or bite to eat? If you give the airport customer service line a call, you can get it taken care of much quicker and easier over the phone rather than standing in line. Go ahead and relax. You deserve it.

Skip carbonated drinks on long flights

If you drink soda or other carbonated drinks it will cause you to take in more air. Due to the decrease in barometric pressure, you could end up gassy. No one wants to sit next to a gassy person who’s burping the entire flight. It can also cause discomfort in your stomach. So, skip the carbonated beverages and grab a bottle of water.

Did you know researchers recommend drinking eight ounces of water for each hour your flying? It’s not just to keep you hydrated, it also keeps you moving. When you go to use the restroom, you’re staying active, keeping blood flowing and it’s a perfect opportunity to get a quick stretch in.

Boost your immune system

We all know flying can weaken your immune system. It’s wise to take precautions to avoid getting sick during a flight. If you boost your immune system, it can better prepare your body for takeoff. Just before your flight, I suggest using Airborne immune support supplements. These supplements contain herbs, extracts, amino acids, electrolytes, vitamins and more. It is known to improve your immune system and has many benefits. If you’re taking the supplement on the flight, only drink bottled water, and make sure you skip the ice cubes if you get a drink.

Take precautions from germs

Did you know the plane seats aren’t regularly cleaned or sanitized? They deep clean the airliner every month, sometimes longer!

First, sanitize your seat. Bring disinfecting wipes and wipe down all hard surfaces for a minimum of 30 seconds. You might want to think again before asking the flight attendant for a pillow or blanket, unless it’s coming straight from the plastic packaging. Even then, it’s not guaranteed to be new and clean. If you get one that is not in the packaging, chances are you’re using a blanket that someone else has.

Most airlines don’t provide clean pillows and blankets for the next flight. The Wall Street Journal revealed that airlines don’t clean their pillows and blankets as often as you may think. In fact, they cleaned their blankets every five to thirty days! Just imagine the germs and bacteria that are crawling all over them! An easy solution to avoiding this would be, dressing in layers, or simply bringing your own travel pillow and blanket.

Remember the 3-1-1- rule

If you plan on taking a carry on, it’s important to know about this rule. This rule lets you know how much liquids can be brought in your carry on. It will help you from having to toss your favorite moisturizer because it’s too big to travel.

  • (3) Each liquid you carry on needs to be in a container no bigger than 3.4 oz.
  • (1) All containers must be put into one clear quart baggie.
  • (1) Each passenger is only aloud one clear quart baggie.

Pack snacks

A simple way to ensure you stay happy while traveling, pack snacks. I know I get hangry if I have an empty stomach and it’s not pretty. It’s important to follow the airlines rules for bringing snacks. If you’re bringing them onboard, all food must be solid, wrapped and go through the X-ray machine. You can pack granola bars, chips, pretzels, cookies, trail mix and don’t forget to pack chewing gum. You might need it when you’re descending to unblock your ears from the cabin pressure.

Before you travel, make sure you check out what not to bring to the airport.

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Travel Hacks
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Travel Hacks
Traveling can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider taking precautions to ensure it goes smoothly. These ten travel hacks should help make your next vacation a little bit more enjoyable and stress free
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