The Top 5 best miniature golf courses in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Top 5 best miniature golf courses in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach has named itself the “Miniature Golf Capital of the World.” Well I don’t know if that’s completely true, but they do have some really great miniature golf courses! I honestly think regular golf is sooooo boring, but I love playing mini golf! I love finding unique miniature golf courses when I travel with Sundance Vacations! Themed mini golf courses are seriously the best! Regular golf can’t compete with dragons, dinosaurs, and pirates! Mini golf is a fun game for the whole family! Here are my picks for the top 5 best miniature golf courses in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! If you want family fun at an affordable price, visit these unique courses when traveling with Sundance Vacations!

The Top 5 best miniature golf courses in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Sundance Vacations Castle
Play 36-holes of medieval golf!

1. Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf

A fire breathing dragon? Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf is full of medieval fun! This mini golf course comes with a interesting back story. Dragon’s Lair was once a spectacular castle in the magical kingdom of Myrtleness. After the castle was destroyed by a horrible earthquake, “King Merrymount summoned his magician, Avalon, to help save the kingdom.” Avalon then used his magic powers and made a fire-breathing dragon appear, named Sir Alfred. Sir Alfred now spends his days protecting the castle! Come play 36-holes of medieval golf at Dragon’s Lair Fantasy Golf, located at Broadway at the Beach! 


2. Cancun Lagoon Miniature Golf

Travel back into time to the ancient Mayan era at Cancun Lagoon Miniature Golf! Play 27 holes of mini golf, surrounded by a 50-foot Mayan pyramid! Located on South Kings Highway, you’ll see this giant pyramid from miles away! Waterfalls, palm trees, statues, and skeletons, this course is one spooky adventure! Enjoy the sunny outdoor course, that leads into the cool air-conditioned indoor course. The indoor course is full of bright colorful Mayan artwork and moody lighting. Keep in mind that this course may be a little scary for young children. No need to travel all the way to Mexico, just visit Cancun Lagoon Miniature Golf course!

Sundance Vacations Dinosaur
Golf with a life-size T Rex!

3. Jurassic Mini Golf

Golfing with dinosaurs? With the Jurassic World craze going on right now, dinosaurs have become really popular again! Visit Jurassic Mini Golf and play up close and personal with life-size dinosaurs! This course is home to many dinosaurs, including the Ceratopsian, the Dilophosaurus, the T-Rex and, the feared Raptor! There are two courses “Ice Age” and “Predator” play 18 holes of fun Prehistoric golf! Located on South Kings Highway, Jurassic Mini Golf is full of family fun and friendly dinosaurs!

4. Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf

Enter the world of Peter Pan at Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf, located on North Kings Highway! Play 18-holes of mini golf in Neverland! As you putt around, meet the evil Captain Hook and his dastardly pirate crew. Step onto his ship and be prepared and for a battle! Then walk through the skull cave and use your golf skills to help save Tinkerbell From Hook’s clutches. Never grow up as you encounter fairies, mermaids, of course the Lost Boys! Children and adults of all ages will love Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf!  

5. Molten Mountain Miniature Golf

Molten Mountain Miniature Golf in North Myrtle Beach, is home to a 50-foot active volcano! You read that correctly, a 50-foot active volcano! This volcano erupts with fire every 30 minutes and is the perfect photo op. Enjoy the scenery while playing 18 or 36-holes of mini golf, on indoor and outdoor courses. The tropical setting will make you feel like you’re in Hawaii! Kids will love the giant volcano and parents will love the air conditioned indoor course! Remember to take a family portrait in front of the erupting volcano, your scrapbook will thank you!

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