Sundance Vacations Traveler’s Fees

Sundance Vacations Traveler’s Fees

At Sundance Vacations, we do everything in our power to inform our customers of certain fees that are not prepaid with the initial vacation package purchase. We provide informative group or individual presentations for all prospective clients. During each presentation, the non-prepaid Sundance Vacations fees are made apparent and very clear. The fees are also written on a large white board by the presenter during the presentation in front of the room. Of course, the fees are also disclosed in the contract but we also recap all of the fees in a straightforward one- page summary of the contract called the Consumer Disclosure Acknowledgment. This one page summary makes it very easy for our customers to review pertinent details at a glance.

In order to provide the most transparency for our customers, we decided to create an informational blog post on the types and costs associated with each fee. This information will also be located on our website.

There are 4 fees that are not prepaid. These fees are paid to Travel Advantage Network (TAN) by the traveler when they use the vacations:

  1. Annual service charge – $29.92 month ($359.00 yearly). Many products and services have annual service fees similar to credit cards, country clubs, and gyms. Our service charge can be paid annually or monthly at the convenience of our client.
  2. Processing Fee – $99.00. Clients pay a processing fee each time they make a reservation
  3. Peak Season Upgrade – $30.00/night. Clients purchase a standard package and only pay this fee when they travel during our peak season time.
  4. Additional Bedroom Upgrade – $30.00/night. Client may request a larger unit for an additional fee.

“Why are there extra fees?”
Have you traveled to the beach during summer, or taken a winter ski trip to the mountains? Were you distressed at the inflated or gouged rates charged during those peak travel times? Often times these rates will be double or triple the cost of a trip during off season. Our fee structure caps the amount you pay per night when vacationing during our prime/peak season.

“Why do I need to pay for an extra room?”
Have you ever needed more than one hotel room to accommodate your family? Impersonal hotels charge full price for each accommodation and give you identical rooms connected by double locked doors. Sundance clients may upgrade to a two or even three-bedroom suite (each extra bedroom sleeps two additional people) and the cost is only $30.00 per night for each additional bedroom. Because buying an additional hotel room can sometimes be well over $100 a night, we view this $30.00/night fee as one of the great benefits to our travel service.

Fees, How they Benefit Our Clients
We do not incur every expense upfront, so we don’t charge them upfront. Our clients can hold onto their money longer, and only pay fees when they are incurred. Because we collect fees, the corporation always has an incentive to fulfill vacation requests. Collecting revenue over time through this fee structure ensures the company a positive revenue stream. As a result, the fee structure functions as a built in protection for our clients.

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