Six Tips For Better Vacation Photos

Six Tips For Better Vacation Photos

Photography has become ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives. Cameras can be found in our phones, computers, and other devices that would not have even been considered only a few years ago. With all of this opportunity to take photographs, how does one better harness it to capture the best possible images during vacations with family and friends? With the few tips I will give you below, you will be on your way to capturing memorable vacation and travel photos.

Tell A Story
There is no doubt that every photo you take will tell its own story, but one fun thing to try with your photos is to create a story that outlines your trip. Think of yourself as a photojournalist. If you had to generate a set of photos to tell the story of your trip, what photos would you take? How would you tell the story? For this tip, a little planning goes a long way. Do some research before your trip, and keep a short list of shot ideas, it will do a lot to spark your creativity later on.

Keep it off centered
The rule of thirds is a great way to help you in taking balanced and interesting photos from your travels and vacations.  Imagine that your screen or viewfinder is equally divided into three parts both vertically and horizontally. These lines will give you imaginary reference points as where to place your subject in the frame. An off centered subject will create a more dramatic and interesting photo. Some cameras even have these gridlines built in as a setting for you to take advantage of.

Make That Camera Accessible
One thing that I see more than anything else, that prevents people from taking great photos while on vacation is the accessibility of their camera. If you don’t make your camera easily accessible, you are much less likely to use it.

One way to avoid this is to keep your camera out and ready. Have it around your neck or in an easy to reach place. If it is always tucked away in a backpack or camera bag, it is more likely that you will pass up a memorable shot.

The Best Camera Is The One You Actually Use
This ties in somewhat with the point I made about an accessible camera being more likely to be used to capture memories. In this age of camera equipped smart phones, it is more often than not, that your iPhone may be your first line of defense simply because it is always within reach. If you find that this is the case, go with it! All of the tips I am writing about are relevant to all types of cameras, including your Smartphone. Just because it is a camera phone, doesn’t make it inferior. I have seen some really fantastic photos taken with a Smartphone, and if that is where you feel comfortable, then embrace it.

Don’t Try To Capture Everything
Another problem that you might run into is the habit of photographing everything in your viewfinder. This can easily lead to you missing that extra special moment, while you are distracted snapping away. When I travel, I like to bring back a smaller collection of memorable moments rather than thousands of snapshots from every waking minute. I do this by observing my surroundings, and waiting for that exact moment when I feel like a memory needs to be captured. You will know when it happens, trust me.

Sunrise And Sunset Are Your Friends
If you are going somewhere that offers some sort of scenic landscape, you may want to take advantage of “magic hour”, that special time around sunrise and sunset where the sun is low on the horizon, providing golden and dramatic lighting. I don’t discourage shooting at any point in the day; just keep in mind that mid day sun can create harsh shadows.

Get Out and Shoot!
Traveling with your family or friends is a great experience in itself, but being able to return and share photos of your adventure with everyone close to you may be just as rewarding. I hope with some of the advice I have given you, you are able to make the best of those memories and capture photos you will be proud to share for many years to come.

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Six Tips For Better Vacation Photos