This Is How You Plan A Sober Vacation

This Is How You Plan A Sober Vacation

You deserve some time off. You fought hard to become sober, but more importantly, you won. You beat your addiction. Since many people never get that far, you deserve a nice vacation.

However, you know this is just the beginning of a new journey. Addiction recovery doesn’t just end one day. It’s a long process of changing your old, unhealthy behavior patterns for ones that support staying sober. That means taking a different kind of vacation from the one you used to take. But can you really take a sober vacation?

Be Careful On Your Trip

You can have a sober trip — but you will need to be careful. By entering addiction recovery, you’re making a huge change in your life. That’s why you can’t just go to the same old places you visited when abusing your substance of choice.

The Los Angeles Times explains that staying sober means making smart choices. For example, don’t pick a hotel that has its own bar. It can be hard to avoid temptation when it’s in the same building as your room.

You’ll also want to be careful about your destination. Heading to an all-inclusive Mexican resort sounds fun, but many people there will definitely not be sober! Just like how you needed to find new, healthy people to be around, you need to find destinations that are just as healthy. You should also consider taking some supportive friends or family along with you. This way, your support network is right there.

Tips For Sobriety & Safety

As you think about smart choices, you can feel a bit discouraged. How can you have fun on vacation while staying sober? Here are a few tips to maintain both your sobriety and safety:

  • If you’re taking a vacation with others, make sure to explain your challenges and needs now that you’re sober. Otherwise, they cannot support you.
  • Stay in contact with folks back home, especially any sponsors or sober friends. You never know when you might need to make a quick call for some help.
  • Before heading out, research and plan some activities to keep you active and engaged. Boredom is often the enemy of sobriety.
  • Just in case, look for any addiction recovery meetings like AA at your destination.
  • Take it easy. If you push yourself too hard, you’re more likely to hit triggers or even relapse because you’re hungry or tired.

Great Destinations For Sober Vacations

You know how to be careful and make some smart choices while traveling, but where are you going? Not every destination is the same. In fact, USA Today reports on trips specifically designed for people who want to stay sober. From beach trips to European vacations, you can have a great time while vacationing with other people in addiction recovery.

Speaking of beaches, these can be rough for you since so many people party there. That’s why it pays to look at hidden gems such as Alabama’s coast. There are plenty of activities and sights there, but since the crowns are smaller, you’ll have an easier time avoiding temptation.

Start Planning Today

There are many benefits from going on a vacation, but as someone enjoying a sober life, you have to make some smart choices. Keep in touch with people who can help you, and pick a destination that supports sobriety instead of challenging it. This way, you can take the vacation you deserve while sticking to your new, healthier lifestyle.

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