Ed Coppinger Captures Sundance Vacations’ No-Snow SPIFF

Ed Coppinger Captures Sundance Vacations’ No-Snow SPIFF

As client resolution manager at Sundance Vacations, a wholesale vacations company with offices in Washington DC, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Northeastern PA, Ed Coppinger came up with the correct resolution in solving when all of the snow would disappear from the company’s Wilkes-Barre property.

Sundance’s Wilkes-Barre office conducted a Disappearing Snow SPIFF (Special Performance Incentive For Fun), which gave employees the opportunity to guess the date all of the snow on the property would be gone. Proceeds from the event benefited the St. Vincent DePaul Kitchen in Wilkes-Barre.

For his correct snow-be-gone date, which was Monday, April 14, Coppinger reaped a bountiful reward in the form of a day off with pay and a $100 gift card for the Ruth Chris steak house at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

Forty Three employees at corporate headquarters originally entered the contest, totaling $860. But, in line with Sundance’s charitable endeavors, John Dowd, co-founder of Sundance Vacations, matched that amount. The end result was that a check for $1,720 presented to the St. Vincent Depaul Kitchen!

As of Friday, April 11, there was still a bit of snow on the Sundance grounds, so being the lucky guy he is, Coppinger saw the weekend’s warm temperatures melt away every last drop of snow. He was fortunate in some respects since the contest didn’t allow dates that fell on a Saturday or Sunday.

Congratulations to Ed and to all of us as well since the long winter and the snow are finally gone.

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Ed Coppinger Captures Sundance Vacations’ No-Snow SPIFF