Dining in Las Vegas

Dining in Las Vegas

Imagine yourself stepping out into the open, dry air after holding yourself hostage by the best blackjack streak of your life. People are everywhere, and bright lights shine around you.

For a minute, you’re not sure if the sun is down or the moon is up. All you know is that you’re starving! Your day started early to snap some photos of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign followed by a morning at The Hoover Dam. That bag of pretzels you saved from the plane ride provided a brief boost before the last round of cards, and now it’s time to find some real food before your “Mystère” show time.

Whether you choose the nearest buffet, head to one of the many chains, or try something more unique, one thing is certain: you will never go hungry in Vegas. It is no wonder Vegas is one of the many cities with a Restaurant Week, and if you have issues with indecision, well, this might be tough for you…

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

If you just can’t pull yourself away from The Strip (and perhaps have cashed in an extra $300), you might try a classic Vegas option: CUT by Wolfgang Puck. Meat anyone?

From inside of the Palazzo, this steakhouse offers top cuts of beef alongside shining service. The décor is also pretty shiny – the restaurant’s sleek style matches its luxurious prices. In the unlikely event that a diner is underwhelmed by the food, he or she will remain dazzled by the service. Don’t feel pressured by the upselling, and if after the thorough presentation of beef cuts, you still have your heart (or wallet) set on that 8 Oz Petit Cut Filet Mignon, by all means, order it!

You can also look forward to an offering of complimentary bread (oh the choices of bread!). If you can, leave room for the Signature Banana Cream Pie – share it if you must. Reservations are recommended, however, unless it’s a Saturday evening, you can likely just slip in last minute for dinner.

Bandito Latin Kitchen & Cantina

Stepping just off the main drag, you won’t break the bank at Bandito Latin Kitchen & Cantina, located in the Hughes Center, especially if you drop by during happy hour.

While you might get a good deal on more common adult beverages, one of Bandito’s core competencies is its exceptional selection of exquisite and refreshing cocktails, such as the Fashionista Ovo or the La Paloma Blanca. On the kitchen side, you’ll be left satisfied whether you’re looking for meat, seafood, poultry, or none of the above.

Flavor is the name of the game. Queso, ceviche, al pastor, nachos, flautas, and beyond – after just a glance at the menu, don’t be surprised if you’re drooling. As you savor every fresh ingredient, you’ll be energized by the hip surroundings – open kitchen, exposed vents, and bare bulbs that mesh with cool decorative tiles and a mural right out of a contemporary museum of art.

Reservations are pretty open, and did I mention the parking is free?

Tang Tang Tang

Ever tried Korean Ox Bone Soup? This comfort food plays the lead role among many many soup options (all priced under $15) at Tang Tang Tang, a cozy Korean joint full of family recipes, situated in a strip mall in Chinatown.

The best part is, refills are free. Refills on noodles, that is. If you’re looking for less broth and more protein, you might try one of the beef or pork rib dishes – not quite as cheap, but ever as flavorful as their soup counterparts.

Tang Tang Tang also has numerous dishes available in sharing size, so bring friends! If the menu is overwhelming, the extremely friendly staff will surely be eager to recommend a favorite. Space is limited, but it’s not overly crowded, at least not in warmer months (although they do offer cold soups if hot broth is the last thing on your mind).

After all that, can you guess what Tang means? Hint, it’s not ‘noodle’.

7th & Carson

If you’re willing to venture a few miles north of the strip (don’t worry, casinos are still in sight), take a chance on 7th & Carson, which is not surprisingly located at the corner of E. Carson Avenue and South 7th Street.

The focus here is on sipping and socializing, yet the small plates (tapas, as they say) are no afterthought. What can I say? Duckling pot pies, smoked pork belly with truffle honey, and fried chicken wings with “house dust” – I mean, don’t you just want to try the house dust?!

These dishes could only disappoint if one is seeking typical bar food. If you can’t help but try too many plates, you may not be hungry for dessert, but you will surely have room for entertainment – 7th & Carson has live music every Monday!

The patio is lovely, the space is fresh and new, and the Wi-Fi password is right on the menu.

The Black Sheep

High-quality American-Vietnamese food at reasonable prices in the Southwest part of town. That’s what you’ll find at The Black Sheep, along with its rustic yet modern feel and the farm-to-table vibe.

The black and silver theme is calming, and you’ll have a hard time looking away from the giant landscape portrait or the striking black and white, 3-dimensional accent wall. That is until your food arrives. In addition to a great selection of wines, the menu boasts an array of savory starters and entrees, presented in the most eye-catching fashion.

Customers rave about the Scottish King Salmon, the fried beef crisps, and who doesn’t love sliders? Who doesn’t love Bao Sliders with house made pork sausage, fried quail egg, shallots, herbs and jalapeño aioli? It only gets better with $1 oysters during happy hour.

If you’re looking to get away from the hustle of downtown, don’t miss out on this new dining gem!

Article by 570MENU, an online menu directory for restaurants of Northeast Pennsylvania.