Best Back to the Future Day Travel Tweets

Best Back to the Future Day Travel Tweets

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As you may have already heard, and who hasn’t as people have been throwing it around on Social Media for the last week, today is Back to the Future Day!

While Marty McFly originally arrives in the past, 1955, in the first installment of the Back to the Future movie, part two takes place in the future!  Well at least it was the future, until today.

The movie itself came out in 1989 and gave us a look at what its creators thought the year 2015 would look like.  Back to the Future II was complete with hover boards, 3D Holograms, self-tying sneakers and of course, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series!  The time travel movie has our hero travel to October 21, 2015 to prevent his very own son from being thrown in prison.

Although the movie is about time travel, we found that ourselves and other travel companies certainly had a blast on social media, taking the idea and running with it.  Here are some of the very best tweets from Back to the Future Day!

October 21, 2015 is here, meaning that as of today, Back to the Future takes place entirely in the past.  🙁

Conde Nast Traveler reported that Lyft was giving its passengers a ride in a real DeLorean today!

Back the the Future movie quote, check.  Amazing beach sunset picture, check.

American Airlines had a short video that featured a different kind of flying object.

And apparently Air North up in Canada has made a few upgrades to their planes.

Important things that you should know, no, that you NEED to know when traveling through time.

Yahoo Travel offered up some ways that you can celebrate Back to the Future Day.

More ways to spend the day from Travel and Leisure.

The Federal Highway Administration wanted us all to know that we have more and more roads as drivers increase, even if Marty McFly didn’t need roads in the future.

An infographic that Sundance Vacations put out illustrating the historic cost of flights, including a look and what their inflated costs would be today.

Travel blogger Nomadic Matt reminding us that not all of the predictions from the movie came true.

Spotify wanted to make your road trip way better with these time travel tunes.

Visit Orlando wanted to let you know that you can check out the Back to the Future at Universal Studios, however the ride has since moved to Japan.

Of course no Back to the Future Day would be complete without a Doc Brown, “Great Scott!”

Take a minute to hit Twitter and search the hashtags #BackToTheFutureDay, #BackToTheFuture and #BackToFutureDay to see all of the tweets from today.  Better yet, check them tomorrow and it will be like you are traveling through time!

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Best Back to the Future Day Travel Tweets
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