YouTube Unveils New Kids App

YouTube Unveils New Kids App

Traveling parents rejoice!

You’ve probably been there.  A long car trip, plane ride or even just your normal everyday commute with the kids in the car.  Most children have a hard time sitting still, so parents often find ways to keep them busy while on these trips.

Rather than constantly listening to the same kids songs over and over, and over, and over some more.  Parents have found the joy of allowing their little ones to use a tablet or their phone in order to watch videos via YouTube.  The main issue with this has always been that your kid can stumble across some really inappropriate videos that are out there.  As YouTube is a free app, people can upload pretty much whatever they want, with few exceptions, and anyone can access it, including your kids.

Fear no longer!

YouTube unveiled their new app geared specifically for kids this past week and it promises to have your young ones learning, discovering and occupied while they are using it.

Take a look at this video from YouTube about the new app.

With an easy-to-use design your kids, who may already be experts in using tablets and phones, will have an even easier time finding the videos they like.  The app has a focus on content just for kids, so parents can take a breath knowing that their children won’t come across something in the related videos section that they shouldn’t be watching.  Popular channels for kids that already exist, like Dreamworks TV, Jim Henson TV, National Geographic Kids, Reading Rainbow, Thomas the Tank Engine and many more, will be way easier to access for your children.  Meaning you won’t have to search those exact keywords when looking for a specific video while your kid is fussy or throwing a tantrum.

Included on the app are also some parental controls that will help you limit searches, adjust sound settings and even a handy timer that will limit your children’s sessions.  YouTube had this to say about the timer, “Let the app be the bad guy.  The app alerts your child when the session is over, so you don’t have to.  (You’re welcome 😉 )”

Sundance Vacations knows that families love to travel together and they love making memories while on these vacations.  Sometimes the issue is just getting there.  Often times the hardest part of vacationing with kids can be the travel part, however with this app, trips can be a little bit easier on both you and your kids.

Next time you are on a long road trip with the kids, take a break from singing “The Wheels on the Bus” for the 9,000th time and let your children explore, discover and learn something by watching educational videos, without the hassle and worrying of them using the regular YouTube App.

You can download the app for iPhones here: “YouTube Kids on the iTunes Store” or you can find it here for Android: “YouTube Kids on the Google Play Store”

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Sundance Vacations: YouTube Unveils New Kids App