The TSA PreCheck Program

The TSA PreCheck Program

In its quest to help take the hassle out of travel, Sundance Vacations, a wholesale vacation company headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, has launched several initiatives to achieve this goal.

One such initiative is that they are always dedicated to providing travelers with the most up-to-date information and news that can help make their travels easier.  One of these pieces of news deals with air travel and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Sundance Vacations wants to make travelers everywhere aware of a program spearheaded by the Department of Homeland Security, which is called TSA PreCheck.

In essence, TSA PreCheck allows low-risk travelers to experience expedited security screenings at participating United States airport checkpoints. Cost of the application fee is $85, which the TSA uses to cover the costs of background checks after the application is submitted. Therefore, no refunds are allowed.

Applicants may pay at an application center with a credit card, money order, company check or a certified/cashier’s check. Cash and personal checks are not accepted.

For air travelers, the TSA PreCheck includes quicker transit through airport security screening, faster moving lines, improved travel experience and no removal of belts, shoes and light outwear/jackets. You also can keep your laptop in its case and your 3-1-1 compliment bag in your carry-on.

However, the TSA always will incorporate random and unpredictable security measures throughout airports and no individual will be guaranteed TSA PreCheck screening.

Those eligible for TSA PreCheck include U.S. citizens of frequent flyer programs who meet TSA-mandated criteria and have been invited by a participating airline, members of the TSA PreCheck application program, members of the U.S. Armed Forces including those serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard and participants of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Also eligible are Department of Defense and U.S. Coast Guard civilian employees.

Everyone is trying to save time these days, so any advantage that can be presented, whether it is with business or leisure travel, is a hugely desirable thing.  With more than 1 million current-enrolled members, one can certainly see the value Americans place on their time.

There are several guidelines regarding the application process. An applicant must be a U.S. Citizen or a Lawful Permanent Resident and cannot have been convicted of certain crimes.

Interested applicants must visit an application center to provide biographic information that includes name, date of birth and address. Applicants will be fingerprinted and will be required to provide valid identity and citizenship/immigration documentation. An applicant also has the option to pre-enroll online to provide basic information and make an appointment before visiting an application center.

After completing enrollment, successful applicants will receive a Known Traveler Number (KTN) via U.S. Mail approximately two to three weeks following the visit to the application center. Applicants may also check their status online by visiting the enrollment site.  “Universial Enrollment site for TSA PreCheck”

Once approved for TSA PreCheck, the enrolled traveler must enter the KTN in Known Traveler Number Field when booking travel reservations with any of the participating airlines.

TSA is accepting applications at more than 300 locations nationwide, including 26 airports. Appointments may only be made for a date within a 45-day window of completing the online application. Applicants may also visit an application site as a walk-in without an appointment, but could experience a longer wait time.

Those interested in pre-enrolling should visit the TSA PreCheck application website which can be found here: “TSA PreCheck Website”

Travelers who are accepted into the TSA PreCheck Program should take the following steps at the airport:

  •  If you have a TSA PreCheck indicator on your boarding pass, proceed to the TSA PreCheck line.
  •  Present your boarding pass and government-issued ID to the Travel Document Checker.
  •  Have the TSA Travel Document Checker scan your boarding pass barcode.
  •  Children ages 12 and under may go with you.
  •  Keep on your shoes and belt, your laptop in its case and your 3-1-1 compliant bag in your carry-on.

To date, 11 carriers participate in the TSA PreCheck program. They are Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America.

According to TSA spokesman, TSA PreCheck is one of several intelligence-driven, risk-based initiatives helping TSA, “move away from a one-size-fits-all model to provide the most effective security in the most efficient way.” The use of risk-based initiatives will allow TSA to maintain its high security standards and improve the passenger’s experience, all while ensuring as many travelers as possible experience the benefit of expedited screening through the TSA PreCheck lanes.

“We at Sundance Vacations are always looking for ways to help make traveling a bit easier for our clients. We consider the TSA PreCheck program to be an effective tool when it comes to boarding a flight with little or no hassle. I’m sure many of our clients will take advantage of this terrific, time-saving program,” said Tina Dowd, co-founder of Sundance Vacations.

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