Sundance Vacations Sole Survivor Fitbit Program

Sundance Vacations Sole Survivor Fitbit Program

Sundance Vacations, a wholesale vacations company with offices in Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Northeastern PA, and beyond firmly believes that healthy workers prove to be more productive workers.

With that in mind, Sundance Vacations has launched its most recent project that promotes the healthy body-healthy mind theory, which ultimately leads to more enthusiastic and more productive employees. The effects are two-fold since it benefits the company, as well as the overall health of employees in the long run.

The latest Sundance endeavor is aptly named “Sole Survivor,” which is a company-wide SPIFF (Special Performance Incentive For Fun) that encourages employees to engage in a healthy activity by wearing and using a Fitbit Zip and, at the same time, have a chance to win a myriad of prizes.

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Sundance Vacations “Sole Survivor” Fitbit Employee Wellness Program