Sundance Vacations: King of Prussia

Sundance Vacations: King of Prussia

At Sundance Vacations King of Prussia, you can sit back, relax, and think about vacationing. 

Like any well-oiled machine, Sundance Vacations has many key components that keep the engine running smoothly.

With corporate headquarters in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, one of the key cogs that keeps the wheels turning for Sundance happens to be its seven sales offices. In no particular order, four of the sales offices are located in Pennsylvania and they include Wilkes-Barre, Harrisburg, Sundance Vacations King of Prussia and Pittsburgh. The other offices are found in Parsippany, New Jersey and Washington, D.C.

Danny McGowan, director of sales for the Sundance Vacations King of Prussia office at 620 Allendale Road, oversees a staff of 21 sales representatives and two receptionists.

Contacted on a golf course on a brisk September afternoon, after McGowan finished his round he shared his thoughts and philosophies about how to efficiently manage a sales office.

“We strive to treat our people and would-be clients like gold. We want them to feel like they’re on vacation for a while (the multi-media presentation and discussion about Sundance’s travel services). We make it a point to help them forget about work, forget about bills and forget about their problems for a brief period of time. We want them to sit back, relax and think about vacationing,” McGowan emphasized.

Contributing to the relaxed atmosphere, clients are offered coffee, tea, water and cookies as a prelude to the presentation. “And don’t forget, our current promotion for those attending the session,  is a three-night cruise to the Bahamas and round-trip airfare for two,” said McGowan, who has been a Sundance employee for the last 10 years.

McGowan said he and his sales team address several hundred clients per week. As for the people attending the Sundance Vacations presentations at King of Prussia, he pointed out 99 percent of that client base hail from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

To keep the Sundance Vacations King of Prussia team sharp, McGowan said he conducts three training sessions a week and they usually focus on how to improve in specific areas.

But, it’s definitely not all work and no play. “We hold a lot of in-house events for the staff to enjoy. We also take part in a number of charity events. We have two golf outings a year with proceeds going to various charities. We also participate in several walks to raise money for such worthy causes as the March of Dimes, Breast Cancer Awareness, the Art Museum of Philadelphia and many more, McGowan explained.

The King of Prussia sales office is open Tuesday through Friday from 4 to 10 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Sundance Vacations Chamber of Commerce listing is also available on the website.

“It has always been our goal to keep our clients happy and we do everything in our power to achieve this end result,” McGowan offered.

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