Sundance Vacations Founder Shares Personal Airline Reviews

Sundance Vacations Founder Shares Personal Airline Reviews

By Tina Dowd, founder of Sundance Vacations

Continental used to be our favorite airline but now that Continental is merging with United it’s time to re-evaluate the airlines.

Over the past week I’ve had the opportunity to fly on three different domestic airlines; USAirways, the merging United/Continental conglomerate and Delta.  The hands down winner was Delta.

The Delta check-in agent was friendly and personable.  Delta also wins my loyalty for having the least restrictive luggage policy. First-class flyers are permitted 3 bags up to 70 lbs each!  John’s garment bag stuffed with enough clothes for 2 conventions, a weekend in Vegas and a business trip to the mid-west is impossible to get under the restrictive 50lb limit for USAirways and United.

Prior to the merger with United, Continental also allowed 70lbs for first class passengers.  It is a critical time for the United/Continental conglomerate to convince Continental loyalists to remain loyal to the new airline.  I don’t think they are doing a great job.  For example, because our flight was a co-chaired Continental/United flight we expected the 70lb Continental allowance, after all our ticket has a Continental flight number printed on it. But, it’s important to note that the newly merging airline is following United’s more restrictive luggage limit policy; so much for their onboard message from their President about how much we’re going to “love” the changes they are making as they continue their process of merging the two airlines.

I think Delta can easily pick up confused Continental travelers and the always frustrated USAirways passengers with ease.  In addition to friendly gate agents and policies Delta’s frequent flyer program, Sky Miles, is also the most user friendly.

Please share your airline reviews and help other Sundance Vacations travelers make wise choices when choosing to travel by air.

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