Sundance Vacations’ Employees Volunteer at Blue Chip Animal Farm

Sundance Vacations’ Employees Volunteer at Blue Chip Animal Farm

Blue Chip Volunteer Day 2014
by: Rochell Zambotti

Volunteering with the cats at Blue Chip Farms Animal Refuge this year opened my eyes a lot wider about the problem of overpopulation of adoptable pets in shelters. It’s pretty common knowledge that this has been a problem in the state, country, and world for quite some time. In the week after a contingent of Sundance Vacations’ employees volunteered, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the loving cats and dogs that need homes. I did some research on the problem and the statistics are alarming.

Pets by the Numbers

  • 5 to 8 million—Number of cats and dogs entering shelters each year
  • 3 to 4 million—Number cats and dogs adopted from shelters each year
  • Each year, about 3.7 million animals are euthanized. * 5 in 10 dogs and 7 in 10 cats in shelters are euthanized simply because there is no one to adopt them
  • 25 percent of shelter dogs are purebred
  • 10 to 20 percent of dogs and cats owned are adopted from shelters
  • 25 percent – Percentage of dogs and cats that are adopted by a shelter

On annual basis, five to eight million animals go into a shelter with only three to four million are adopted. That leaves quite a gap. I actually went back to Blue Chip the following week to get more information on adoption and ended up filling out an application to adopt. Adoption fees for dogs range from $150 to $300 which include a microchip, spay or neuter and the dog being-up-to date on all shots.

The adoption fee for cats ranges from $70 to $90 and includes a microchip, spay or neuter and being up-to-date on shots. My initial thought was that the prices were a little high, but I was reminded by some co-workers of how much it actually costs to get a pet fixed or microchiped, as well as the danger of some of these animals ending up in research facilities if they were given for free or at low cost.

Things You Can Do To Help

  • Don’t intentionally breed your pet
  • Have your pet spayed/neutered
  • Adopt your next pet from an area rescue or shelter
  • Be a responsible pet owner
  • Buy products that aren’t tested on animals
  • Spread the word! 

I’m thinking next year we can incorporate an adoption drive, host the spay/neuter truck for a day or find a way to contribute some of the funds we raise to cover or help with adoption fees for employees to adopt. Let us know your thoughts on future ideas, share your stories of adoption or add any other resources that might be helpful to pet owners in the area. I believe there is another whole level we can reach with this if we set our minds to it.

I’m very proud to say we raised more than $1,100 to donate to Blue Chip, along with a lot of supplies. The entire VIP group went above and also sold hoagies and super bowl blocks in and out of the office to raise money.

Special shout-out’s go to: Carol Higgins (and family), Sarah Colwell, Marlene Cease, Ryan Tarutis, Denise Miller, MaryJo Penberth (and family), and Julian (my son), all for giving up their time to help out at Blue Chip for the day! Also Candy Bednar for donating buckets, mops, brooms and all sorts of other items. Marlene Cease for finding and working with the hoagie provider! Zambotti Distributor’s for donating enough soda for our hoagie sale! MaryJo Penberth for driving all over the creation to make sure hoagies made it to Tamaqua! Denise Miller for donating back her winnings from the Super Bowl blocks!

Marlene’s Bow Wowz and Meowz for selling an entire Super bowl board! Bridgette Dowd for planting the bug in mom’s ear, leading to a very generous family donation! And each and every one of you who helped by purchasing hoagies and Super Bowl blocks!

The Sundance family’s generosity always shines through these fundraisers for animals. No matter how big or small, you have all helped tremendously to make this the success that it has become. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Resources for Spay/Neuter

Local Shelters and Rescues

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