Sundance Dunks Its Manager for Charity!

Sundance Dunks Its Manager for Charity!

The Sundance Vacations Wilkes-Barre Day Shift marketing staff held two special events, Dunk Your Manager and Dunkin’ For Cure on Friday, Aug. 29, 2014.

The first event, Dunk Your Manager, featured Wilkes-Barre Day Shift Manager Ben Uzialko sitting precariously in the dunk tank waiting to be dropped into the cold waters by members of his day shift staff. The staff earned chances to dunk him by obtaining ten $99 Special Reservations per-week from the Travel Advantage Network program they were working on during the month of August.

The day shift staff also had the opportunity to earn extra shots for any reservation made exceeding 10. The day shift did such an excellent job on the Special Reservation project that some earned more than 30 chances to send him swimming. The Wilkes-Barre Day Shift Staff graciously donated some of their chances to the second event Dunkin’ For A Cure to benefit the American Cancer Society.

The Dunkin’ For A Cure event had Sundance Vacations Day Shift Marketing Manager Ben Uzialko back up in the “Wet Seat” offering the chance to send him to the waters below again. The corporate staff had the opportunity to donate $5 to the American Cancer Society for 3 chances to dunk him.

Ben had two special volunteers to take his place in the tank, first up was Sundance Assistant Controller Ron Vacarro and IT Department Head Shawn Jetton. The three challenged each other to see who could raise the most money. The winner was Ben Uzialko who raised $181. In second place was Shawn Jetton at $126 and third was Ron Vacarro at $111. The total amount raised from the dunk tank was $413.This in combination with the Wilkes-Barre Day Shift Staff donation of $200 from their spiff chances and the Wilkes-Barre Evening Staff donating $400 brought the total amount donated to the American Cancer Society to $1,013.

TSR Quotes:
WBD TSR Erika Reilly “I still got it! It was a triumphant to see Ben fall into the tank. What a blast, I felt like a child again, it was exhilarating! To top it all off, we raised money for a good cause. I can’t wait for next year! Watch out Ben!”

WBD TSR Jerry Kishbaugh “Being the first to dunk Ben was awesome. It wasn’t difficult to hit that target twice to give Ben his first two dunks into the coldwater. The event made for a fun break and more importantly, benefited a great cause. The event also proved that Ben is, indeed, all wet at least for the day!”
VIP Mary Jo Penberth “It was like a comedy, thriller and suspense movie wrapped into one. Throwing the first one away so he was totally surprised when I dunked him was priceless!”

WBD Manager Ben Uzialko “Although the water was freezing, it was fun sitting up there in the tank. My team did a phenomenal job on the TAN Special Project and I was happy to take the plunge. The charity part was an added bonus. I couldn’t have been prouder to work for a company that values Professionalism, Charity, Fun, Fairness, Honesty, Respect, Positive Attitude and Recognition. I would like to thank Ron Vacarro and Shawn Jetton for Joining me in the “Wet Seat” and my co-manager Vincella Ross for assisting.”

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