Once a Quitter, Always a Quitter

Once a Quitter, Always a Quitter

Sundance Vacations puts a large emphasis on making sure that our employees are well taken care of and live healthy.  This is why, over the last few years, the company has created a different health campaign each year to encourage our workers to make better choices and overall, live a healthier lifestyle.

Our initiatives have had a wide range of topics and will continue to grow over the coming years.  This past year, Sundance Vacations was honored for its commitment to its employees.  The Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce presented the company with the 2014 Healthy Workplace Award, for its continued efforts on the health front.

Our campaign from 2014, named the “Sole Survivor,” was a big hit.  Employees were given a Fitbit, a device that tracks steps taken by the wearer, and were challenged to reach 10,000 steps per day.

An earlier initiative, the “Biggest Loser,” was designed to help employees lose weight and make healthier choices both at work and away from it.

Sandwiched in the middle of these two healthy lifestyle promotions was the “Great Sundance Smoke Out.”  This was a challenge that provided support to employees that wanted to quit smoking.

Employees that were already non-smokers were encouraged to be a coach or sponsor of the smokers and help them through the process of kicking the habit.  If you have ever known a smoker, or been one yourself, you know that it can be one of the toughest challenges to finally give it up.  People use a number of methods to try and quit, some successful, other not, but all know how difficult it can be.

With the start of the new year, Sundance Vacations is happy to announce that 10 of the original 13 smokers are now two years tobacco free!  We wanted to pass on a huge congratulations to them in continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle and are happy that we were able to help them through the process.

Here is a list of the “quitters”:

  • Lindsey H. from our Corporate Headquarters
  • Candy B. from our Corporate Headquarters
  • Jessica A. from our Corporate Headquarters
  • Robin M. from our Hazleton Office
  • Kathryn B. from our Washington DC Office
  • Jon R. from our King of Prussia, Pa. Office
  • Leslee A. from our Corporate Headquarters
  • Christina A. from our Corporate Headquarters
  • Debra W. from our Corporate Headquarters
  • Mary Z. from our Shamokin, Pa. Office

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Once a Quiter, Always a Quitter (Quit Smoking)