Visit Playa del Carmen with Sundance Vacations

Visit Playa del Carmen with Sundance Vacations

Playa del Carmen is one of the top 25 most popular destinations for vacations according to TripAdvisor, and with its white sand and blue-green waters, the mangrove and tropical forest, it’s easy to see why! A trip to Sundance Vacations property, Mayan Palace Riviera Maya, is a eco-journey into the mangrove, tropical forest, lagoons, water canals and coastal dunes with all of the hospitality and charm of Mexico from a by-gone era, the Mayan era.

Check out some of the most popular activities you can only find in Playa del Carmen!

Coba Mayan Traditions

Sundance Vacations Playa Del Carmen Coba Mayan
The Pyramid Temple of Nohoch Mul

Learn about the Mayan culture while you visit the Coba Mayan Village! During the visit you’ll discover archaeological ruins, and visit the gigantic pyramid temple of Nohoch Mul! The temple of Nohoch Mul is the only Mayan temple still safe to climb after years of weather damage to the structure.

During your tour, you’ll visit two “courts” where the Mayans played their “ball game,” although no one truly knows how it was played!  The tour you will be taken to unique place inside the rain forest with a local lunch in an ecological restaurant, a Mayan Purification with a Chaman, a visit to the Mayan descendants, and a demonstration of the extraction of the “Mayan Gum”.

The final activity will be discovering a Cenote, one of the many attractions that you can only find in the Mayan Riviera. The archaeological guides will be your host of the area while you spend your day exploring and embracing the amazing Mayan World!


Mayan Palace Riviera Maya is located on a beautiful beach! The beach may not have a proper name, but it’s the highlight of most vacationers’ time in the area, and makes for a delightful way to spend your afternoons! When on the beach you can catch some sun, play some volleyball, partake in Zumba, or just enjoy every day beach activity! If you’re looking for action, adventure, and some exploring, Playa del Carmen is nothing short of that! Some other water activities include windsurfing, jet skis, kayaking or diving in the impressive Mayan coral reef!

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Playa del Carmen offers access to some of the best diving spots in the Western Hemisphere! Especially right off shore of Isla Cozumel!

One of the most popular is the Playa-based Reef Quest Divers, which caters to amateurs and experts alike. Reef Quest has a variety of dive charters including reef dives and local cenote dives. The Playa Scuba Dive Center is another well known company that organizes scuba tours.

May travelers say that with the colorful population of fish, you can’t visit Playa del Carmen without taking a dip under the sea!

Rio Secreto

Sundance Vacations Playa Del Carmen Rio Secreto
Rio Secreto Crystal Cave

Often known as one of the best-kept secrets on the Yucatan Peninsula, this underground river and collection of caves is a breathtaking crystal museum! The gorgeous turquoise water contacts with the caramel and mocha colored rocks giving you some spectacular scenery! Swim through the river, climb through the caves, and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of these myriad geological formations!


The Xcaret Eco Archaeological Park has everything from a dolphin aquarium, a turtle sanctuary and a beach perfect for swimming, diving or snorkeling, to cultural and nature loving activities! Discover the Mayan jungle and the culture of Mexico with than 50 exciting attractions!


Sundance Vacations Playa del Carmen Xel-ha
Xel-ha Natural Aquarium

Xel-Ha is a natural aquarium centered on a natural inlet and lagoon, where visitors can swim and snorkel through, accompanied by schools of tropical fish, dolphins and turtles, making it a nature lovers paradise! Xel-Ha stands for “where the water is born” in the Mayan language, and due to its location, you’ll definitely see why!

Snorkel in this underwater paradise while the flow of the waters takes you pass the beautiful nature that surrounds! After a relaxing river ride, you can visit the breathtaking Xel-Ha Cave, which gives spectacular natural lights and sounds! The further you go into the cave, the more the waters reveal a mysticism of the past! Or if you’re looking for some more active activities, you can partake in the “Cliff of Courage” and jump into the water! Xel-Ha has so many other activities like swimming with dolphins and other exotic sea creatures, that it will be hard for you to just choose one activity!

Xel-Ha is situated about 20 miles south of Playa del Carmen; the cost of transportation to the attraction is included in many package deals! Admission prices vary depending on what package you select. For additional information, visit Xel-Ha’s website.

La Quinta Avenida

If you’re looking for some nightlife, or to do some shopping, La Quinta Avenida, is the place to go! La Quinta runs parallel to the shore, and is the main street in Playa del Carmen. There are plenty of souvenir shops selling trinkets and mementos, but the high-class restaurants and local bars dominate the nightlife scene of La Quinta.

Entry & Exit Requirements

A passport is required for entry into Mexico. Travelers must also carry a Mexican Tourist Permit. You’ll be given one on board your flight and asked to fill it out before getting to customs. The cost of the card is included in your airfare. Keep it with you at all times while in Mexico and report it immediately if you lose it. Be sure to hold on to the tourist card, as you will need to present the card upon departing the country. For more information on entry and exit requirements, visit the U.S. State Department’s website.

Sundance Vacations Property: Mayan Palace Riviera Maya

Surrounded by jungles and mangroves, the Mayan Palace Riviera Maya provides privacy, but also offers easy access to an adventurous experience. There’s an outdoor swimming pool, golf course and playground on site. Enjoy your Sundance Vacations Mexico trip in luxury! To learn more about this great destination, including cool things to do, places to eat and more, head over to its page: “Sundance Vacations Properties in Playa del Carmen, Mexico”

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Visit Playa del Carmen with Sundance Vacations
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Visit Playa del Carmen with Sundance Vacations
Playa del Carmen is one of the most popular destinations for vacations according to TripAdvisor, and with its white sand and blue-green waters, to the mangrove and tropical forest, it’s easy to see why!
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