A Look at The Villas At Seven Dwarfs

A Look at The Villas At Seven Dwarfs

I closely relate Central Florida with my childhood years. I remember being lucky enough as a child to have been taken to Disney by my parents. A few weeks ago I made my first trip back to the area as an adult and got to explore the area again for a few days. I was on a mission to document my experience in the Central Florida area while staying at one of The Villas at Seven Dwarfs, which is a property that Sundance Vacations offers to their customers.

I approached this assignment as I do most assignments of this type, with absolutely no expectations. To help prevent expectations, I did next to no research before visiting.

When I first arrived at the resort property, a pleasant young man at the gatehouse welcomed me. This added a layer of both security and exclusivity to my experience, and had me excited to check out my villa. Keep in mind; I did no research prior to this trip so everything was a complete surprise.

I parked my car, and wandered down the beautifully landscaped walkway and found the entrance to my villa, which was olive green with a very inviting red door.  Once inside, I was greeted by a cozy living room and dining area.

Living room/Common Area

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The living room was very comfortable and modern with two small couches, a coffee table, and a flat screen TV. The décor of the room was very conservative, and was themed around older films such as Peter Pan and Snow White.

The entirety of the main room had a tile floor with an area rug in the living area, which help bring a little coziness back into that area that in my opinion might have otherwise been lost due to the tile flooring.

Kitchen/Dining Area

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While I felt the kitchen area was a bit small, it did have everything needed to prep a full meal. There was a full stove and oven, full size refrigerator, microwave. All of this and the large sink provided plenty of area for prep and clean up if you planned on cooking for an entire family. This is where I definitely find a lot of value over a hotel. Being able to cook your own meals on a week or more vacation is a huge cost saver.

The dining area was equipped to seat a family of six at the table, but also had a breakfast bar style counter that could seat two more. I thought the breakfast bar was a nice touch, especially for quick meals, or for groups of two. It is also nice that there is a little more area for prepping and serving food.

Master Bedroom

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Situated on the main floor, with its entrance located conveniently between the kitchen and the living area was the master bedroom. When I first arrived, I was greeted by a pair of swans made of bath towels lying on the bed. I thought this was clever and added a touch of class.

The bathroom attached to the master bedroom was quite impressive. The Jacuzzi style tub/shower was what really made it shine though, I felt like I could park a truck in the shower, it was very roomy and clean. Bathrooms are one place that I often scrutinize the most when traveling. There is nothing worse than a dirty bathroom, this place definitely put me at ease.


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I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the villa to find it had an entire second floor with two bedrooms and a bathroom. Each of these bedrooms were a bit different. The first one had two double beds in it with a flatscreen TV, a great place for the kids to sleep and I think whoever design the layout, had exactly that in mind. Décor was more of the Disney and old film themes I found in the other rooms. The other bedroom was another master bedroom with a queen sized bed.

The bathroom upstairs was a bit smaller than I expected, but it had everything needed for the guests on that floor.


This place was certainly hooked up, good luck trying to get the kids to leave the living room. Every bedroom had a flat screen TV and a Blu-Ray player attached. The Blu-Ray players in the master bedroom and living area also were Internet connected allowing for Netflix and other streaming services which I thought was a nice touch.

Overall impression
The Villas at Seven Dwarfs offered me a luxurious experience without being too over the top. The gated community aspect was a nice layer of security but I feel like the process of getting in and out of the resort was drawn out more than it needed to be. The gates that let vehicles through were very slow!

Overall, I was extremely pleased with my stay at the resort and would certainly recommend this place to anyone looking for a place to stay in the Orlando area that want a little more of the comforts of home than a hotel stay offers. The short drive to all of the area attractions like Disney World, and the Universal parks makes this an excellent choice as well, if you trip revolves around those activities. All said and done, I’d give The Villas at Seven Dwarfs a 8 out of 10.

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A Look at The Villas At Seven Dwarfs