Last Minute Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes

Halloween will be here before we know it!

As we all know, the most difficult thing to decide when it comes to this holiday is, of course, what to dress up as.

Not to worry!  Sundance Vacations has you covered with some great, last-minute ideas for travel-themed Halloween costumes!  Most of them are easy to make and will have you wowing the people at parties or while collecting candy!


Flight Attendant

Where would we be without flight attendants.  These important travel workers are essential to the flying industry.  They help us find our seats, brief us on safety and serve us snacks and delicious drinks to keep us happy while we are dealing with the stresses of air travel.

Conversation Starter: Pay some homage to the flight attendants of the world by going to your party dressed up as one of them, be sure to tell everyone at the party about all the cool places you’ve seen while flying around the world.

How to: For the costume, it’s a relatively simple concept, just stick to one color theme and you should be fine.  Get a skirt or pair of pants as well as a blazer of the same color and you are nearly ready!  For the guys, make sure you have a tie and for the ladies, incorporate a scarf around your neck.  You can throw in a piece of luggage with wheels or a funny little hat for good measure.


TSA Agent

Keeping with the flight theme, TSA Agents have certainly become a mainstay in the way we travel.  Although many joke about them, they are there to help keep all travelers safe.

Conversation Starter: This costume can have you ruling the party!  Everyone will need to go through you to make sure they are complying with the rules of the party and you can confiscate anything you deem necessary.  So when you see a candy, drink or snack you like, you can be sure to let the other party goers, it’s unsafe and that you will be taking it from them.

How to: When it comes to making the costume, the getup is pretty simple.  All you will need is a blue button-down shirt, black tie, boots and pants, latex gloves and, of course, a badge to let everyone know you are the one in charge!


The Classic Tacky TouristLast Minute Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes

While you are out traveling you are sure to see one or two of these cliche tourists around.  Usually equipped with a camera, binoculars, a map and lots of sunscreen, these vacationers are certainly easy to spot in a crowd.

Conversation Starter: While at the party, you can be sure to take lots, and boy do I mean LOTS, of pictures!  Feel free to walk around and make sure everyone has the right amount of sunscreen on and if you get lost, be sure you ask other guests for directions to the best attractions.

How to: A Hawaiian shirt, shorts and sandals may be absolutely needed for this costume.  Throw in some sunglasses, camera, binoculars and a map for accessories and don’t forget to put a dollop of sunscreen on the tip of your nose!


A Google Map

This one is definitely a little bit outside of the box.  Google has become a part of the way we live our lives and it has no doubt had an effect on the way that we travel.  Often times when we are road tripping or visiting somewhere new we use Google Maps as a means of getting directions or finding nearby restaurants and attractions.

Conversation Starter: You’ll get plenty of attention at the party, because people will be asking you where you were when they were having trouble finding the place.  Plus you can easily use your smartphone to give out directions to anyone who may need them.

How to: This is a fairly easy, do-it-yourself costume.  You’ll need some poster board to make the map pin that goes on your head, paper and a color printer at home.  Just type up some nearby street names and tape them on to your shirt, feel free to throw in some icons for subways, restaurants and other attractions.  If you bring a friend dressed the same way, be sure you give other guests directions on how to find them.


Dora the Explorer

Every child’s favorite adventurer, Dora the Explorer hit the scene in 2000 and has been going strong on Nickelodeon ever since.  Every episode she takes little travelers on adventures where she uses their help to solve puzzles and answer questions.

Conversation Starter: When at a party, you can ask for help from the other party guests to solve riddles and other puzzles that may come up throughout the night.  Hey, you never know, you could end up providing some education to some of the party goers or, at the very least, be able to solve who ate the last piece of candy.

How to: Dora always wears pretty much the same thing, so again this make the costume easy to assemble.  A pink shirt, orange shorts and some sneakers should do the trick.  Also, be sure you have a backpack with you at all times, Dora’s is purple, but I’m sure any backpack could do in a pinch.


Airport Baggage HandlerLast Minute Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes

Getting our luggage on the plane and to its destination is an important job.  No one likes getting stranded somewhere with no clothes, supplies or important medications.  Thankfully airport baggage handlers are around to make sure that our objects make it on the plane.  They work in some pretty crazy conditions (rain, snow, cold, extreme heat) to make sure that your bags make it to your destination along with you.

Conversation Starter: Walk around the party and let everyone know what you do.  If anyone asks where the luggage is, just tell them you lost it.

How to: Get a brightly colored safety vest, available almost anywhere nowadays, grab some big ear protection and you are pretty much done.  Feel free to incorporate sunglasses/safety glasses or luggage to add a little something extra to the costume.

Castaway / Robinson Crusoe / Stranded Traveler

What happens when you are traveling somewhere and your ship wrecks or the plane has to make an emergency landing in water.  Well, you get stranded on a deserted island of course.  Countless stories and movies have been based off of the book Robinson Crusoe, why?  Because it’s a compelling story.

Conversation Starter: This minimalist costume will allow you to have a lot of fun with other guests.  You can be sure to ask them all what they heck they are using (smartphones) and when they look at you like you should know, you can explain to them how you really wouldn’t have any idea because you have been stranded on a deserted island for years!  You can also bring along a volleyball that you can have conversations with, so who cares if anyone talks to you all night!?

How to: Out of all the costumes listed in this article, this one is by far the easiest.  All you really need is ripped, torn clothes or a loin cloth.  Follow that up with a stick you’ve grabbed out of the woods and some dirt/mud to rub on yourself and you are done!  Feel free to add in unwashed hair and a scraggly beard if you wish.

These easy-to-make, do-it-yourself costumes are perfect for the last minute, but with a little more time they can really rock!  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to list them in the comments below, otherwise, let us know how they work for you on Saturday!

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Last Minute Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes
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Last Minute Travel-Themed Halloween Costumes
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