If You’re Visiting Las Vegas, Don’t Miss Aureole In Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas is a popular destination among travelers. Although TAN hosts a home property on South Las Vegas Boulevard many travelers also visit Vegas on business. I consider myself a Las Vegas dining expert. In fact, Mobil should hire me to rate their restaurants.

The amazing thing about Vegas is that the best chefs in the world are all competing for my business. This type of competition creates amazing culinary experiences around every corner. Read more.

On my most recent trip, we visited Aureole at Mandalay Bay. http://www.aureolelv.com/

The staff was so warm, friendly and fun. The sommelier brings a flat laptop type computer to the table for wine selection. I had as much fun applying the filters to the wine list as my kids have playing Wii. First I choose red, then Italy, then a region. Then the wine steward helped us make a final selection- a 2001 Barbaresco.

If that wasn’t a hoot. The next step is even better. A skinny girl in black pants (“a wine angel”) is attached to a harness and hoisted into the air to retrieve my chosen bottle from the 4 story high glass walled temperature controlled wine skyscraper which contains 9865 bottles.

The wine service is top notch. Our sommelier was knowledgeable but still very approachable; a definite must if you feel timid about selecting a wine. The pairing was perfect with the chef’s special of the evening; filet topped with foie gras and surrounded with truffles.

If you are visiting Vegas, I highly recommend Aureole.

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