Happy 22nd Birthday Sundance Vacations!

Happy 22nd Birthday Sundance Vacations!

This past week Sundance Vacations celebrated its 22nd birthday! The week was filled with fun activities, and a lot of good food! Each day was a different theme in our offices. We kicked off the week with safety awareness day in each office. All of the offices learned about varying aspects of safety, from fire safety to sun safety! On Tuesday, it was Christmas in July! Everyone wore their red and green and there were many treats to go around!  On Wednesday, we celebrated Sundance’s birthday with a big birthday party! Here is a more in depth look at some of the fun activities that took place!

On Monday, the corporate office chose to learn about drinking under the influence from State Trooper Tom Kelly. They listened to a presentation about the dangers of DUI and the procedure that a police officer must follow when stopping a driver they suspect has been drinking and driving. Employees who attended the session even got to try on vision impaired glasses!


The Downers Grove office in Illinois took their safety training to the next level. They chose to learn about skin cancer awareness and prevention, the perfect topic for this summer heat!  However, this charitable group decided to take their learning and apply it to one of Sundance Vacations core beliefs:  charity. They gave out mini sunscreens and skin cancer awareness pamphlets to their clients! Way to go Downers Grove!!

Our marketing offices also celebrated safety awareness day with a fire safety demonstration! The Tamaqua office learned about fire safety from Tamaqua Fire Chief Chris Hadesty. He taught these eager firefighters about the different kinds of fires and how to put each out. Some people even got to try their luck at extinguishing a fire.


Tamaqua Day Shift safety picture


Tamaqua days putting out a fire


On Tuesday, we celebrated Christmas in July! In the Wilkes-Barre office, everyone was proudly displaying their red and green, and some people were even in Santa hats and boots! Each hour, a different department played Secret Santa! The New Client Services department passed out delicious cupcakes! The next hour, the collections department passed out goodie bags with Christmas candies and other assorted goods! Then the administrative department came around with lollipops and ice cream bars! It was just like Christmas morning here in Wilkes-Barre!

Christmas in july at sundance

While we were celebrating here at the corporate office, the Downers Grove office was doing some great work again! To celebrate the day, each member of the sales team brought in a gift and donated it to the Women’s Shelter in Wheaton, Illinois! Downers Grove is really taking this opportunity to do some charitable work! Great Job!

Christmas in July at Sundance Vacations Downers Grove Office

On Wednesday, it was birthday time!  Who doesn’t love a good old birthday party? Everyone wore their Sundance Vacations attire in honor of our great company, along with party hats, birthday cake, and lots of singing and celebrating! There was even a cake competition, and boy,were those cakes delicious!

Sundance Vacations Birthday Party

                                                        Here is the staff of the corporate office at the cake competition!

                             And the winner is……..                              winning cake

                                                                                             THE OCTOPUS CAKE!

This cake was awesome! There is even a live fish swimming around in the fishbowl!!


We had a great time celebrating Sundance Vacations birthday! We have had a great 22 years in business and we are looking forward to another successful 22 years, and hopefully many more after that! Happy 22nd birthday Sundance Vacations!!

Happy 22nd Birthday Sundance Vacations!