Customer Testimonial From Eagle’s Nest Resort at Indian Point

Customer Testimonial From Eagle’s Nest Resort at Indian Point

Every once in a while TAN receives a testimonial that really touches our hearts… just in September TAN received the following from a long-time client:

September 19, 2010

Dear folks at TAN,

The purpose of this letter is to tell you all how impressed I am with your organization. I spent the week of September 10th through the 17th in Branson, Missouri at the Eagle’s Nest Resort at Indian Point and I couldn’t have had a better stay, unless the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders were staying next door but anyway it was a week to remember!

My wife, Maryann, and I purchased [this vacation program] for when we both retired. But the old saying goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Maryann died last October.

My squad from Vietnam and I have remained in touch all this time and from time to time over the years have gathered to remember our buddies who didn’t make it, and to share time together.

There were approximately eight guys and one woman who attended this reunion. We learned that our friend Doc had recently undergone surgery for cancer and would have to undergo chemo when he got back. His wife very much wanted him to have a good time, and boy, did he.

Where I saw the condos we were to stay in, and met the nice people at the Eagle’s Nest I was thrilled. After a great time I had at the resort and the fantastic treatment I received from the TAN folks, I am ready to give a testimonial any time you want. The condos were much better than staying in a hotel. Every one told me what a great time they had and what a hero I was for arranging it, but I give all the credit to TAN. I still have six more chances to stay with you and am really looking forward to it.

On behalf of all my Corpsmen I want to thank you all for a trip that we will all remember.

Bob Martin

P.S. Our other Corpsman would have been here but he designs golf courses and was in China. When he hears what a great time we had, he’ll be at the next one I’m sure. My wife would have loved it!

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