8 Ways to Avoid a Summer Cold from Sundance Vacations

8 Ways to Avoid a Summer Cold from Sundance Vacations

Most people think of the common cold as a winter problem. But make no mistake, you can definitely catch a summer cold, too. The sneezing, sniffling, and aches that accompany it can be as miserable if not more so when you’re traveling, or when it’s nice outside and you don’t want to be cooped up indoors. A summer cold tends to hit between June and October and are about 25 percent as common as winter colds!


Here are the best ways to avoid a summer cold!

Sundance Vacations Washing Hands1) Make sure to wash your hands

When on an airplane or running around doing activities, you have to remember that hundreds or even thousands of people could have touched what you are touching that same day. Make sure to wash your hands frequently, just like you do to avoid a cold in the winter.

Bacteria actually thrives in warmer environments, so traveling to another area is where you’re more likely to come in contact with many different germs. When people are traveling they’re bringing germs from all over.


2) Eat Healthy

Most people don’t understand how important it is to eat healthy while traveling. The first thing you can do is start your day with breakfast. Our body needs essential nutrients and if breakfast is skipped you are less likely to compensate for it later in the day. When traveling you’re using so much energy it’s important to replenish yourself with nutritionist food. If you eat unhealthy your whole trip you will lose energy and increase your chances of getting sick. It can be difficult to eat a healthy balanced meal with all the essential vitamins when traveling so take daily multi-vitamins to supplement your meals.


3) Stay Active Sundance Vacations Girl staying active

It should be east to stay active while on vacations because movement is normally part of your day. Whether it’s walking down a boardwalk, swimming in the Caribbean Sea, or dancing at a beach bar all hours of the night, your body is moving regularly throughout the day. Staying active will help boost your immune system, so if you find yourself lying on the beach, go for a walk or do some beach activities. Take advantage of the fact that the views you can experience on a trip are much better than the ones from your desk.

4) Pace Yourself

Don’t try to see the entire city all in one day. If you plan to do a lot on vacation, consider staying longer to slow down your pace and spread your itinerary. Be active and roam the streets, but don’t overdo it. Take plenty of breaks in between. Planning too many activities to do in a day can be stressful and overwhelming. The whole point of a trip is to enjoy your time!


5) Stay HydratedSundance Vacations Guy staying hydrated

As the heat rises it’s important to make sure your body gets enough water. Try to carry a water bottle with you at all times. Drinking water helps your body eliminate harmful toxins that could hurt your immune system.  If you’re someone who just doesn’t like water too much, try putting fruit in it for flavor, or drinking coconut water!


6) Get Enough SleepSleeping in a hammock

One of the most important but overlooked ways to help keep you healthy while traveling is getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep can weaken your body and make it a magnet for germs. Traveling takes a toll on your body so make sure you get plenty of rest.

7) Avoid the Air Conditioner

While it is a myth that the cool air from air conditioners give you a cold, viruses can live in the equipment’s ducts. One reason people think they get sick from an air conditioner is if they get a sore throat. The reason people could get a sore throat is either from poor installation, maintenance, or running it to the point of excess aridity. If on an airplane, try to avoid the overhead vent system as well. No matter what season it is, they can harbor viruses.

Girl stressed

8) Don’t overbook yourself before you leave for vacation

Waiting till the last day to run errands or pack for the trip can be stressful. That stress can carry into the night making it hard to get a good night sleep before the trip, or even into the trip. It’s important to plan ahead to make sure you have time to get everything ready. Reducing your stress helps keep your immune system strong!



Stay healthy my friends!

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8 Ways to Avoid a Summer Cold from Sundance Vacations
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8 Ways to Avoid a Summer Cold from Sundance Vacations
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